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Year Title Genre Location
2002Among the DeadTheaterAmerican
2002College Poetry Showcase: Chicago State University and University of Illinois at Chicago Open MicLiteraryAmerican
2002Works from BerlinFilmAmerican
2002Exploring America in Change Human Rights and Global Change: The Role of the United StatesLiteraryAmerican
20026 minutesFilmAmerican
2002Zaduszki JazzoweMusic, Polish
2002On a Poets Block: Industry (Underground and Uprising)LiteraryAmerican
2002SistersTheaterNew Europe
2002Performance Poetry Night with Lucy AndersonLiteraryRest Of The World
2002Love for Three OrangesPolish, Theater
2002Word Gourmet with Nina CorwinLiteraryAmerican
2002Why They Invented DancingTheaterAmerican
2002Photographic Text: Images and Stories Open MicLiteraryAmerican
2002Chicago Labor and Arts Festival Women of Heart and Steel: A performance by the Working Women's History ProjectLiteraryAmerican
2002Juwenalia w Stowarzyszenie Wiecznych Studentow zaprasza an przedstawienie grupy Circus z Seattle pod nazwaFestival, Polish
2002Gallimaufry - An Evening of Jiggery-Pokery!TheaterAmerican
2002Chicago Labor and Arts Festival: Is there a working class music?LiteraryAmerican
2002B. Beaver AnimationTheaterAmerican
2002Southside - Around the Coyote FestivalTheaterAmerican
2002Mama: a play for voices and musicTheaterAmerican
2002Hieronimus BoschFestivalOld Europe
2002The City Wears a Slouch HatTheaterAmerican
2002Buddhism for beginnersTheaterAsian
2002Are you a boy or a girlFestivalAmerican
2002Wednesday Sepember 11 A Cry for PeaceLiteraryAmerican
2002Musicality of Poetry Series XI: Jazz Poety, Roots and Rudiments w/ Kamau Daaood, Kahil El' Zabar and Moderator Quraysh Ali LansLiteraryAmerican
2002IcarusTheaterOld Europe
Total Results: 931 - 30 of 93 1 2 3 4   next|last