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Chopin Theatre Productions is a 501(c)3 not for profit art presenter and producer at the historic Chopin Theatre building, 1543 W. Division St., in Chicago.  Its 500+annual theater, literary, music, film and social events are often avante garde or international.  Our mission is to promote enlightened civic discourse through a diverse range of artistic offerings. 


According to the Theater Historical Society of America, the Chopin Theatre building opened March 1918 and was designed by architects Worthmann & Steinbach. Originally built as a nickelodeon with 546 seats it  was operated by Victor Bardonski.  In 1923 it was renamed the Harding and seating was expanded to 987. By 1931 it was again called Chopin Theatre but underwent another name change to Pix Theater. The building is located across the Polish Triangle in the area once named Polish Downtown.

In 1955 the building's named changed to Security Federal Savings & Loan but the bank later relocated across the street.  When the Dyrkacz Family purchased the building in 1990, it was vacant except for the small 200 sf Eddie's Bistro.  After operating briefly as At the Gallery Theater, it once again became Chopin Theatre.  The Dyrkacz's have gradually restored the building to its present charm and today it houses the Main Stage (200), Cabaret Studio with Pregnant Buffalo Lounge (50-150), a cafe and art gallery. 

Chopin has presented over 120 of its own productions, mostly Eastern and Central European.  It has hosted performers from each American state and from over 40 countries.  It produced I-Fest, an international festival of solo performances bringing 17 international artists from Austria, England, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine to Chicago. 

Chopin Theatre Productions has had the pleasure to host: Literature - Gwendolyn Brooks, Mircea Cartarsecu, Kevin CovalJim Derogatis, Stuart Dybek, Michael Erik Dyson, Nikki Giovanni, Aleksandar Hemon, Malalai Joya, Greg Kot, Yusef Komunyakaa, Li-Young Lee, Philip Levine, Haki Madhubuti, Sara Paretsky, Luis Rodriguez, Charles Simic, Zadie Smith, Studs Terkel, Bronislaw Wildstein, Adam Zagajewski and Howard Zinn; Actors/Directors - Nathan Allen, David Cromer, John Cusack, Jennifer GraceSean Graney, Sean Gunn, Witold Izdebski, Steve James, Krzystof Krauze, Steve Pink, Jeremy Piven, Jan Peszek, Patsy Rodenburg, and Pip Utton; Musicians - Edward Auer, Peter Brotzman, Chuck D., Urszula Dudziak, Kurt Elling, Kahil El Zabar, Nils Frahm, Von Freeman, Fareed Haque, Peter Kowald, Adam Makowicz, Rob Mazurek, Dominic Miller, Chad Taylor, Third Coast Percussion, Michal Urbaniak, Ken Vandermark, and Paul Wertico; Visual Artists - Tony Fitzpatrick, Ryszard Horowitz, Tony Karman, Wesley Kimler, Aaron McGruder, Liviu Pasare, Ed Paschke, Art Shay, and Franciszek Starowieyski among many others.

Chopin has also organized over 60 interviews or "Spotkania" with leading Polish and Polish American figures including Wesly Adamczyk, Grazyna Auguscik, Andrzej Dudzinski, Jan Englert, Slawomir Fabicki, Feliks Falk, Natasza Goerke, Kazimierz Kalkowski, Tymoteusz Karpowicz, Tadeusz Konwicki, Ryszard Krynicki, Frank Kujawinski, Leszek Madzik, Bronislaw Maj, Michal Pawel Markowski, Andrzej Nowak, Marek Nowakowski, Maciej Plazynski, Piotr Sommer, Andrzej Stasiuk, Grzegorz Stec, Jozef Szajna, Joanna Trzeciak, Beata Tyszkiewicz and Bronislaw Wroclawski.

Since 1990 over 2,000 productions and thousands of artists have graced our stages. For complete information visit the Archives.  Please forward inquiries to




Dan Ponce continues his quest to visit Chicago's 77 official community areas by making his latest stop in West Town for a tour with Lela Headd Dyrkacz, Chopin Theatre. WGN TV, 11/2/18

How the Chopin Theatre helped revitalize Wicker Park
Zygmunt Dyrkacz and Lela Dyrkacz join Justin to discuss the history of the Chopin Theatre and the importance of the theater to the Wicker Park community.
The Download Podcast, 11/1/18


Chopin turns 100: Historic theater has ushered in hipsters but ketp its Polish roots
Two page article with photos by lead theater critic Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune, 10/29/18

Chicago's Chopin Theatre celebrates 100th anniversary
WBEZ  Worldview Host Jerome McDonnell and Narimon Safavi (Weekend Passport co-host) nvite owners Zygmunt and Lela Dyrkacz to reflect on the Chopin's place in Chicago history, and future plans. WBEZ, 10/29/18

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WGN Radio
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Chicago Venue that Matters the Most - Editors of Chicago Tribune, 2010
Chopin Theatre selected along with others such as Art Institute of Chicago, Civic Opera House/Lyric Opera, Orchestra Hall and
Pritzker Pavilion/Millennium Park.

6 Best of the Year Theater Awards 2008  - Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times and TimeOut Chicago (Miss Julie and Our Town  by The Hypocrites and Uncle Vanya by Tuta Theatre. Our Town became 1 of 2 plays going on to Broadway in 2008.

Three Consecutive Best of the Year Theater Awards: 2003, 2004 and 2005
- Chicago Tribune For Chopin Theatre’s production of Teatr Cogitatur (Katowice, Poland) U.S debuts

Diploma “Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Poland Abroad” – Minister Foreign Affairs, Anna Fotyga to Chopin Theatre for promotion of Polish Culture

2006 Director of the Year Brandon Bruce - Orgie Theater Award for Chopin Theatre’s Production Slawomir Mrozek’s Tango.  

2005 People Making a Difference in Theatre  - Performink
For presenting the best of experimental European theater including I-Fest and Teatr Cogitatur

2005 Producer of the Year Zygmunt Dyrkacz - Orgie Theater Award
Chopin Theatre’s Production La Luna and Aztec Hotel by Teatr Cogitatur

1 of 4 Most Successful For Profit Arts Groups – Donors Forum
(Donors Forum is an 1400+ member association of leading philanthropists including MacArthur Foundation, Driehaus Foundation and Ford Foundation.  Other honorees: Broadway in Chicago, Blue Man Group and Corbett v Dempsey Gallery).


"Chicago Venues that Matter the Most"  "Great theaters need great karma.  And even though the basement theater in this double-fisted Wicker Park venue is beset by pillars, it somehow brings out the best in directors.  This is where David Cromer's "Our Town" began along with many other fine shows.  Upstairs, there's a big, flexible space that encourages creativity.  With kindly, theater-loving owners and great Polish beer at the bar; the Chopin is a composer of merit" - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“Question : Where will you find both the trendiest European audiences and the most European-style theater in Chicago? Answer: At the Chopin Theatre” - Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“…In addition to playing host to Chicago's best itinerant companies, the Chopin's husband-and-wife proprietors Zygmunt Dyrkacz and Lela Headd go to great lengths to bring eastern European artists…” - Kris Vire, The Guardian

“enchantingly funky Chopin Theatre in the Wicker Park neighborhood..” - Charles Isherwood, New York Times

“Chopin Theatre’s international vision grows. The Chopin Theatre has made a huge effort in recent years to import some of the more interesting, imaginative and controversial theater productions on the European scene."
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

“Chopin Theatre is a really indispensable place for theatrical and other artistic gatherings
” - Andrew Patner, WFMT Radio

„Krytycy amerykanscy dostrzegli teatr Chopina. Podkreslam to dlatego, ze jest to niekwestiono-wana zasluga Zygmunta Dyrkacza, ktory dba o jakosc preze ntowanych przez siebie nowatorskich osiagniec polskiego teatru. Dzieki niemu mamy prawdziwe okno na swiat (przynajmniej na jego amerykanska czesc) dla polskiej sceny. Porzekadlo „Sami nie wiecie co posiadacie" ...chcialam odniesc do Zygmunta Dyrkacza, ktory spotykajac sie z niewielkim zrozumieniem i pomoca pol-skiej spolecznosci, uparcie sam promuje polski teatr w Chicago i rezultaty tego uporu zaczynaja byc imponujace. - "E.B.- Dziennik Zwiazkowy („Prawde mowi stare porzekadlo")


“But there I was last Saturday night, in the bustling lobby of the Chopin Theatre in Wicker Park -- a community asset of the first order -- trying to weasel my way into a sold-out Rossellini screening " - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“The Chopin Theatre, which has just completed a run of a play by the Romanian –born French playwright Matei Visniec, was founded 14 years ago by Polish émigré Zygmunt Dyrkacz. It has been these smaller entrepreneurial, risk-taking venues that have provided fertile ground for Playing French” - Jeremy Grant, The Financial Times


"Chicago Shakespeare gets a lot of well deserved praise for bringing in high-profile European troupes. But those who wish to see the best of experimental European theater..know that Wicker Park’s Chopin is the place to go..” - Kerry Reid, Performink Chicago

“No one does more to bring European theater to the City than Chopin Theatre..”
- Christopher Piatt, TimeOut Chicago

Critic's Choice - “ Opportunities to see world-class experimental theater are few and far between. But for three years running Chopin Theatre director Zygmunt Dyrkacz has brought Poland’s astonishing image-based Teatr Cogitatur” - Justin Hayford,Chicago Reader

 “ Different companies peel in and out of spaces like the Chopin each remaking it how they see fit, tearing down the world and building it up again..” - Ben Winters, Performink Chicago


Choc wypowiada sie glownie anglojezycznie , to przeciez ze znaczacym udzialem polskich propozycji i stale „pod polska choragwia"... jest dobrze postrzegany i kojarzony przez srodowisko nie tylko teatralne i nie tylko chicagowskie. - Rzeczpospolita

 “For the past 15 years Zygmunt Dyrkacz has been presenting international experimental theater at the scrappy Chopin Theatre” - “Mystery Achievement” - Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

“..and you’re at the Chopin Theatre to begin with – one of the cooler, brick-walled, atmospherically attractive performance spaces in Chicago.” - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“If we’d stayed at Chopin Theatre, we would’ve gotten our regulars. Going downtown is an inconvenience for them, not part of their comfort zone” - Anthony Moseley in Performink Chicago

„Jest czlowiekiem-instytucja. Pelni funkcje dyrektora, administratora, kierownika artystycznego, zajmuje sie marketingiem i reklama, zaopatrzeniem i sprzataniem. Ze swojego domu uczynil przytulisko dla artystow, studentow i wszystkich pasjonatow. Pelen oryginalnych pomyslow i fantazji, potrafi byc bezkompromisowy w swojej dzialalnosci. Walczy o miejsce Polonii w chicagowskim zyciu kulturalnym. - Kurier Codzienny


“the impassioned and intelligent Dyrkacz is far from your typical theater owner. Dyrkacz not only rescued the Chopin (built in 1918) from demolition but now oversees some 500 performances per year. Not only is this a very viable space creatively, but the Chopin also is among the city's most affordable little theaters to rent” - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

”During the past few years, Zygmunt Dyrkacz, who runs the Chopin Theatre at 1543 W. Division, has been single-handedly trying to showcase the world of contemporary Polish theater, appealing to the large Polish-American community here, as well as to the many local theater artists who can learn from the Poles' inventive techniques” - Hedy Weiss, Chicago Tribue


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