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Year Title Genre Location
2000MacbettTheaterOld Europe
2000College Poetry ShowcaseLiteraryAmerican
2000Book Release: Lessons of Water and ThirstLiteraryAmerican
2000Zaduszki JazzoweMusic, Polish
2000Book Release: The Air Lost in BreathingLiteraryAmerican
2000Magazine Release: Chicago ReiviewLiteraryNew Europe
2000New Polish WritingLiterary, Polish
2000Dancing Across State LinesDanceAmerican
2000Breathe: Emerging Poets and MusiciansLiteraryAmerican
2000Salon with Krzysztof PiesiewiczSocialOld Europe
2000Farewell Concert Venicio de Tolido & MalukosambaMusicRest Of The World
2000Another Part of the ForestTheaterAmerican
2000Book PartyLiteraryAmerican
2000Patsy Rodenburg Acting WorkshopTheaterOld Europe
2000Does This Mean Anything To You?TheaterAmerican
2000Belle of AmherstTheaterAmerican
2000World Music FestivalMusicRest Of The World
2000Unspeakable Curse of Kaptain KrepeeTheaterAmerican
2000Around the Coyote FestivalFestivalRest Of The World
2000Mangoes, Cigaretts and my Mama's HandsLiteraryAsian
2000Birth of SolidarityFilm, Polish
2000Ed Woodís Devil GirlsFilmRest Of The World
2000Sceny Z Zycia KochankowPolish, Theater
2000Another Day Of DistractionTheaterAmerican
2000VelvetvilleTheaterRest Of The World
2000Shall we Wine: FundraiserLiteraryRest Of The World
2000Salem Market ResearchSocialRest Of The World
Total Results: 1081 - 30 of 108 1 2 3 4   next|last