Does This Mean Anything To You?
Gerkle & Zetta

Chicago Reader - "Goldman and Lewis's rapport was deep, their sense of when to break the fourth wall impeccable, and their bits were ravishingly well executed. Like Andy Kaufman and Ernie Kovacs, they understand that decontextualized pathos is a surer route to humor than strung-together gags.”

10/8/00 - 10/17/00

“It was hard to tell when this show started. Codirector Noel Williams came into the theater several times, nervously smiling, muttering about high-strung performers. Meanwhile a stream of cries slowly rose from the lighting booth. When we finally overcame our politeness and turned to check out the commotion there, Gerkle (Anne Goldman) stuck her cherry-nosed head up and horrifiedly informed us that nothing was going on. Then she and clownish companion Zetta (Alice-Gray Lewis) clambered slowly down to the stage, alternately bickering and asking us what we were looking at. What followed was a strikingly casual, sophisticated, unpretentious combination of vaudeville, physical performance, and character-intensive acting.
Brian Nemtusak, Chicago Reader October 13, 2000