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Year Title Genre Location
2012New Years Eve 2012/2013SocialRest Of The World
2012Chopin Salon #92 - The ChefFilm, Polish
2012Funding Feeding FrenzySocialAmerican
2012Polonia Night with Pirates of PenzancePolish, Social
2012The Nutcracker - Special Benefit Performance Near North MontessoriSocialAmerican
2012Urban Village ChurchSocialAmerican
2012Pirates of PenzanceTheaterAmerican
201214th Annual - All Souls JazzMusic, Polish
2012Chopin Salon #91 - Mournfully Soulful Music for HalloweenMusicAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #90 - Hallow's EveLiterary
2012In The ObservariumTheaterAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #89 - Guild Complex Annual Prose Awards for Short Fiction & Non FictionLiteraryAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #88 - Elementary ParticlesFilm, Polish
2012The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2012Poets Club of ChicagoLiteraryAmerican
2012The AltruistsTheaterAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #87 - Prof. John MerchantFilm, Polish
2012Chopin Salon #86 - Zaglowozy w Chopin Theatre - W niedziele 9-go wrzesnia o godz.11Film, Polish
2012Chopin Salon #85 - How I Ended the SummerFilmNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #84 - Mistrzostwa Swiata Balonow 2012FilmNew Europe
2012Galician Party Festival, Polish
2012“After Schulz” FestivalFestival, LiteraryNew Europe
2012The Fall of the House of UsherTheaterAmerican
2012Dzis KlancykTheaterNew Europe
2012The Iron Stag KingTheaterAmerican
2012Recognizing and Capitalizing on OpportunitiesSocialAmerican
20124th International Polish Studies ConferenceLiteraryNew Europe
2012Intelligentsia Coffee Company MeetingSocialAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #81 -White MaterialFilmNew Europe
Total Results: 941 - 30 of 94 1 2 3 4   next|last