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Wed Dec 12th 730pm -   Chopin Theatre presents "Galician Party” - a musical, visual and culinary celebration of the life and times of Bruno Schulz.  The concert is the closing event of the After Schulz Conference whose organizers, together with the Polish Consulate General RP co-sponsor this event.




12/12/12 - 12/12/12

730pm - 12m

On the last day of "After Schulz" conference, Chopin Theatre organized "Galician Party" -  a musical, visual and culinary celebration of the crossroards of Central and Eastern Europe. The region which inspired Bruno Schulz multicultural art.

After serving some bigos, pierogi, potato pancakes, etc., around 200 people, scholars attending the conference and members of various Chicago's multi-ethnic communities, enjoyed music and danced.  The 6 hr long event was free witih reservation required.  The artistic program included:


15 piece band Environmental Encroachment
Chicago's famous Polkaholics with its fearless leader, Prof. Don Hedeker
Maxwell Street Trio Klezmer band with Tanya Melamed
Black Bear Combo whom not long ago visited Obama Whitehouse


The event lasted many hours and new relations were formed over glasses of wine.


It was a rare occasion to experience the multicultural environment of pre-WWII Galicia, in which Schulz produced his art; and the mutual influence and exchange between cultures, including Polish, Czech, Jewish, Ukrainian, German, Lithuanian, Belarussian, Slovakian and Gypsy, that was characteristic of this region.  Because of the lack of natural borders, nationalities of those territories changed frequently and for most of people, the village was the epicenter of life.   
The visual part of the "Galician Party" includes drawings by Bruno Schulz as well as the special interactive installation, "High Heels" by Krakow (Poland) artist Ania Kaszuba-Debska, inspired by the women of his life.

Environmental Encroachment, Polkaholics, Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, Black Bear Combo and Ania Kaszuba-Debska

Chopin Theatre

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