7 1/2 Cinema presents - Children of Leningradsky
Hanna Polak

2004 - Academy AwardŽ Nominee Best Short Documentary

Children of Leningradsky was nominated for Academy Award® 2004 Best Short Documentary. Director in person!

04/06/08 - 04/06/08


An intimate portrait of children living in Moscow train stations Children of Leningradsky explores the overwhelming crisis of homeless children in Russia.

Sleeping in stairways, garbage containers and underground tunnels, they panhandle or prostitute themselves for money. They sniff glue to curb hunger and to escape from the violent world around them. Yet many of them consider life on the streets a better alternative to what they experienced at home.

Children of Leningradsky was nominated for an Academy Award® in the category of Best Short Documentary subject in 2004.

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Hanna Polak

Screening fotos provided by Sebastian Jaroszynski

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