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Year Title Genre Location
2021100 bezplatnych biletow na spektakl - TheaterOld Europe
2020Fairytale at the Grand HotelTheaterOld Europe
2019Vexations by Erik SatieFestivalOld Europe
2019Axis: The importance of human sacrifice in the 21st Century (Gare Centrale and Une Compagnie, Belgium)TheaterOld Europe
2019Tria Fata (Compagnie La Pendue, France)TheaterOld Europe
2018Mihbaj: a staged reading of a play by Riad IsmatLiteraryOld Europe
2018Mercury HamletTheaterOld Europe
2018Mikhail Scherbakov - Chicago ConcertMusicOld Europe
2018The Great God PanTheaterOld Europe
2016The Tragedy of Macbeth, Fear in the NightTheaterOld Europe
2016Ian & GabrielMusicOld Europe
2015AbjeezMusicOld Europe
2015The Immortal Beloved Flamenco DramaDanceOld Europe
2014суХие / Sukhie - Russian BandMusicOld Europe
2014Venus in FurFilmOld Europe
2014The Broken Circle BreakdownFilmOld Europe
2014Evgen Malinovskiy in ConcertMusicOld Europe
2013Tanya MelamedFilm, MusicOld Europe
2013Minor Empire ConcertMusicOld Europe
2013Chopin Salon #101 - The Forbidden Best-sellers of Pre-Revolutionary FranceLiteraryOld Europe
2013France & French Living AbroadSocialOld Europe
2013Chopin Salon #99 - Ian and Ani with Rustem GalitchMusicOld Europe
2013CoriolanusTheaterOld Europe
2013Chopin Salon #93 - Paradise: LoveFilmOld Europe
2012The Cousin from NowhereTheaterOld Europe
2012The Circus PrincessTheaterOld Europe
2012Chopin Salon #77 - Tango ObsessionMusicOld Europe
2012Chopin Salon #76 - Tango FusionMusicOld Europe
2012Chopin Salon #75 - Tango ObsessionMusicOld Europe
Total Results: 1421 - 30 of 142 1 2 3 4 5   next|last