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Year Title Genre Location
2010Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Chopin!Music, Polish
2010Chopin Salon #6 - Zvonimir NagyMusic, SocialNew Europe
2010Chopin Salon #5 - Chopin in AsiaMusicAsian
2010Chopin Salon #4 - ABC Youth Music & Maralgua DarjaaMusicAsian
20107 1/2 Cinema presents - AgAuFilmAmerican
2010Polish American Chamber Commerce Holiday PartyPolish, Social
2010Pirates of PenzanceTheaterAmerican
2010Chopin Salon #3 - Founder's Brunch with Hsiao Ling LinMusicAsian
2010Sylwester 2011Festival, Polish
2010The Magic ParlourTheaterAmerican
2010Between the Hammer & the AnvilMusicAmerican
2010The Game Game Show and Stuff! (#2)TheaterAmerican
2010All Souls Jazz FestivalMusic, Polish
2010Chopin Salon #2 - Zaduszki Jazzowe: Tribute to F Chopin and I.J. PaderewskiMusic, Polish
2010The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2010Poppin Dollz CabaretMusicAmerican
2010Chopin Salon #7 - Milosz BiedrzyckimLiterary, Polish
2010The Story of TeaTheaterNew Europe
2010The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the great Rock & Roll RivalryLiterary, MusicOld Europe
2010The Game Game Show...and StuffTheaterAmerican
2010Night Kite Revival!LiteraryAmerican
2010Thieves Like UsTheaterAmerican
2010The Prohibition Orchestra and Swing HakimMusicRest Of The World
2010Modjeska! The Artist's DreamPolish, Theater
2010Singer/Songwriter ShowcaseMusicAmerican
2010Gypsy Rhythm ProjectMusicRest Of The World
2010Rebbesoul and Magic CarpetMusicRest Of The World
2010The Magic ParlourTheaterAmerican
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