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Year Title Genre Location
2009Sylwestra 2010Festival, PolishNew Europe
2009Alone/Aligned/OpposedMusicNew Europe
2009Season of Concern - Theater Industry Holiday Soiree!Social, TheaterAmerican
2009The Encyclopedia Show: HOCKEYLiteraryAmerican
20097 1/2 Cinema Presents - Cinema 16FilmAmerican
2009Aunt Dan and LemonTheaterAmerican
2009All the Fame of Lofty DeedsTheaterAmerican
2009I Am MontanaLiteraryAmerican
2009BoyGirlBoyGirl ; Beau O'Reilly & Crooked Mouth String Band
; John Szymanski
Music, TheaterAmerican
2009Spiking the Sucker Punch - Book ReleaseLiteraryAmerican
2009Big Lebowski BurlesqueTheaterAmerican
2009Michal Korzistka in ConcertMusic, PolishNew Europe
2009The Encyclopedia Show: The ZodiacLiteraryAmerican
2009Even in BlackoutsMusicAmerican
2009Tuneyards & Aleks & the DrummerMusicAmerican, New Europe
2009All Souls Jazz Festival - 11th AnnualMusic, PolishNew Europe
20097 1/2 Cinema Presents - Son of AmericaFilmAmerican
20097 1/2 Cinema presents: No Crossover: The Trial of Allen IversonFilmAmerican
2009BoyGirlBoyGirl & Elvisbride BandMusicAmerican
2009The Encyclopedia Show: Serial KillersLiteraryAmerican
2009The Mountain GoatsFilmAmerican
200950/50 - Birthday celebration for Zbigniew Banas and Piotr WarzechaPolish, SocialNew Europe
2009The Soft Pack; The Smith WesternsMusicAmerican
2009An Apology for the course and outcome of certain events delivered by Dr. John Faustus on this his final eveningTheaterAmerican, Old Europe
2009Evgen MalinowskyMusicOld Europe
2009Ramona Falls & Picture BooksMusicAmerican
2009City Chase: World's Largest Urban Adventure ChallengeSocialAmerican
2009Young Chicago Authors presents:
FM Supreme & Deja
Literary, MusicAmerican
2009Lollapalooza's Ida Maria and ChairliftMusicAmerican
2009Serie Melodie - Noah Harris with Kapsalis & IvanovicMusicAmerican
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