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Year Title Genre Location
2019Commemorating 80th anniversary of the beginning of WWII Literary, Polish
201930th Anniversary Party & BenefitLiteraryAmerican
2019The Socialist ManifestoLiteraryAmerican
2018Leon Forest Prose AwardsLiteraryAmerican
2018National Poetry Slam: Chicago 2018 LiteraryAmerican
2018American Authors, Transnational VoicesLiteraryAmerican
2018Mihbaj: a staged reading of a play by Riad IsmatLiteraryOld Europe
2018Art of FreedomLiterary, Polish
2017A VICTORIAN HOLIDAY: Fundraiser for World PremiereLiterary, Music
2017Transnational Poetics, Reading & Conversation with the GuildLiteraryAmerican
2017Literary Reading with Anthony BukoskiLiteraryNew Europe
2017The End and the Beginning Literary, Polish
2017To Wed Or Not to Wed - A ReadingLiteraryAmerican
2017Education Summit LiteraryAmerican
2017MSNBC's Chris Hayes with Natalie MooreLiteraryAmerican
2017Music of Peace: A fundraiser concert for CeaseFireLiterary, MusicAmerican
2017Applied Words - Segregation and Education in ChicagoLiteraryAmerican
201621st Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Awards Guild Complex LiteraryAmerican
2016“ A kaz tyz ta Polska, a kaz ta ? ”LiteraryNew Europe
2016Every Picture Tells a Story: Illustrated Art from PolandLiteraryNew Europe
2016Discovering Poland LiteraryNew Europe
2016One City, Many LanguagesLiteraryNew Europe
2016OpenICE: The Threshing Floor, featuring The DilettantesLiterary, MusicAmerican
2015TriQuarterly LaunchLiteraryAmerican
2015Annual Prose AwardsLiteraryAmerican
2015National Beat Poetry FestivalLiteraryAmerican
2015Chopin Brunch Salon #226 - Malgorzata PospiechLiterary, Polish
2015Cities East and West: New Maps for ResearchLiterary, Polish
2015Grown Folks StoriesLiteraryAmerican
20153rd Annual Midwest Historians of East Central Europe WorkshopLiterary
Total Results: 5741 - 30 of 574 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   next|last