Letter to the Editor -

Zygmunt and Lela Dyrkacz, Chicago Tribune
Published 2/17/19

Tap into gateway's potential

Many thanks to the Chicago Tribune and Mary Wisniewski for bringing much-needed attention to the Polish Triangle, the long-neglected gateway to Wicker Park.

As the naming disagreement has been resolved, the focus is now on the Polish Triangle's future aesthetics: how to symbolize 2 million Polish immigrants who have passed through it over the years and at the same time have an art masterpiece that boosts Wicker Park as a destination for theaters, galleries, restaurants and boutiques.

What's there now does not reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the Polish cultural landscape, nor does it promote Wicker Park's efforts to be another French Quarter. Visitors coming on Blue Line trains or passing by in cars should have a postcard-worthy experience.

Chicago is a great city. To attract young students and entrepreneurs, we need neighborhoods that are alive.

To our mayoral candidates, how do we make the whole of Chicago artistically alive and welcoming so people will stay and care about what's on the other side of their window?

- Zygmunt and Lela Dyrkacz,

Chopin Theatre, Chicago