Back in the Day: An 80's House Music Dancesical Urban Theatre

Set in the height of Chicago's street dancing and battle era of the 1980's. When juice-bars ruled the underage club-scene and DJ's created a movement. This house music immersive dancesical follows the northside dance crew the ALLSTARS and frenemies, the CULITOS and IMPORTED TASTE as they struggle, soar, and move through life making their own families and redefining for themselves gender norms within a community not yet ready for change.

Tix:$15 Previews (6/19-6/21), $35 (6/22-8/3). 

Box office: 312-767-8821;

06/18/19 - 08/03/19

Thu-Sat 8p; Sun 4pm

Based on Jose "Gringo" Echevarria's Book, The Real Dance Fever. This House Music dancesical follows the Northside Chicago Dance crew, the All Stars and their frenemies, The Culitos and Imported Taste when teenagers dominated the 1980's afterhours scene and found family and acceptance through street dancing.

Tickets: $15 Previews (6/19-6/21), $35 (6/22-8/3)


Adapted by Miranda González. Based on José “Gringo” Echevarria’s Book, The Real Dance Fever.

co-directed by Raquel Torre & Miranda González

Breon Arzell (Ty Clark); Omar Fernández (Frankie Díaz/DJ Personas); Mateo Hernández (Eddie “Miss Ladeeda Tallulah Slobish); Betancourt Mateo Hurtado (Geraldo Alanis); Micah Matarre (Alma Coutee); Claudia Quesada (Charlie Ríos); Christopher Sylvie (Shane Ruiz); Amy Toruño (Beatriz “Miss B” Soto); Larry Trice (José “Gringo” Echevarría); Andre Truss (Carlos Smith); Nicolas Del Valle (Leach Solís); Steph Losada Vondell (Gladys “Miss Chicago” Rodríguez)

Miranda González* – Artistic Director/Writer/Co-Director; Raquel Torre – Co-Director/Movement Coach; Ivan Vega* – Executive Director/Co-Producer; Antonio Bruno* – Company Manager/Co-Producer/Sound Designer; Jenna Meyers – Production Manager; Maydi Díaz – Stage Manager; Harrison Ornelas – Scenic Designer; Justin Snyder – Technical Director; Levi Wilkins – Lighting Design; Parker Langvardt – Projection Designer; Sarah Albrecht – Costume Designer; Mara Ishihara Zinky – Props Designer

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