Chopin Salon #25 - Mario Granville Chopin Productions

8pm - Mario Granville, an African American self taught classical pianist, closes the L.A debut of Four Clowns with a tribute to F. Chopin. 

$10 includes complimentary concert

07/30/11 - 07/30/11


Mario Granville is an African American classical pianist/composer, with a unique history. After almost going completely deaf at age six, he went through reconstructive surgery to fix his hearing, and immediately thereafter at age seven began to teach himself to play the piano. He developed a keen skill at recognizing tones, scales, and even began to replicate them when prompted to do so.  By age eight he had become a lover of the music of Beethoven and began to perform his pieces regularly. Coming from a somewhat broken home, he began to get closer and closer to the piano, composing his first classical song by age ten, and regularly writing pieces by age eleven.  As his popularity quickly grew, so did his talent. His style has become unmistakable, and his compositions are built on classical technique combined with the inescapable present day modality shaped by his tumultuous emotionality.  Never having had a teacher, he has performed at countless venues across California, won countless talent and exhibition contests, and even gained popularity elsewhere in the country.

Four Clowns, a physical, musical and emotional journey into what it means to be a human.  As old adage goes, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ but, laughter comes most earnestly when reflecting on past sorrows. As the clowns tell their tales of woe and elation from childhood to adulthood we discover that really they are all the same, and so are we.    This multi-award winning show continues its national tour with stops in Phoenix, Indianapolis and the Minnesota and San Francisco Fringe Festivals.


Chopin Salon events are supported in part by Wspolnota Polska, Zywiec Beer, Kasia Deli and Oakmill Bakery .  To have your own Salon event please contact us at 773-278-1500.

Mario Granville (pianist), The Four Clowns

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