I-Fest 2006:
Egle Mikulonyte, Lithuania

Chopin Productions

I-Fest 2006 is the second annual festival of international solo performances celebrating individuality.

Ya Ya - A young woman visits the grave of Buddhist monk Ryokan (former name Eizo) and tells her mother's story, Yaya.

11/2/06 - 11/12/06


Ya Ya – Seeichi Yashiro, Author - A young woman visits the grave of Buddhist monk Ryokan (former name Eizo) and tells her mother's story, Yaya. Yaya was Eizo's childhood friend and his first love. At sixteen Yaya is sold by her drunkard father. She dreams of Russia , the land of her grandfather where women live free. Soon Yaya meets two young boys - spiritual Eizo and smart Seikichi, whom both fall for her. She chooses Seikichi, they marry, flee to Edo and have a son. Life is filled with drinking, gambling and death. Yaya leaves Seikichi and for years her life is filled with difficulty. At age 50 she learns that Eizo is a famous monk and travels to meet him to profess her love. She arrives to late as he is very ill. In despair she jumps into the roaring sea.

Egle Mikulionyte, Actor - Egle was born in 1965 in Kaunas . She studied at Lithuanian Music Academy under Jonas Vaitkus, Department of Theatre and Cinema from 1987-1991. She began working with the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre in 1990. Ms. Mikulionyte has been the receiptent of many theatrical awards including St Christopher Best Actress Award (Lithuania); International Uchimura Prize for Ya Ya with special commendation by playwright Seiichi Yashiro (Lithuania); 1st Prize St. Petersburg International Theatre Festival (St. Petersburg); and Grand Prix 3rd International Mono Acts Festival (Moscow). In addition to her theatre work Ms. Mikulionyte is also an accomplished film actress.

Seiichi Yashiro, Author - Seeichi Yashiro was an award winning filmmaker and playwright.

Kestutis Marciulynas, Director - Kestitus is a monk residing in Singapore.

Seiichi Yashioro

Kestutis Marciulynas

Egle Mikulonyte

Chopin Productions

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