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Year Title Genre Location
2020Abstract artists concrete message in new North Side mural Visual ArtAmerican
2020Polish Triangle making it beautifulVisual ArtAmerican
2020Illumination 2020 TheaterAmerican
2020Fairytale at the Grand HotelTheaterOld Europe
2020Begins a Scar Photo & Poetry ProjectVisual ArtAmerican
2020Chicago Acts Together WeekTheaterAmerican
2020Nathan Allen, resigns as Artistic Director House Theatre of ChicagoTheaterAmerican
2020102-Year-Old Chopin Theatre Asks Public For Help Surviving PandemicTheaterAmerican
2020Hundred DaysTheaterAmerican
2020Urban Village ChurchMusicAmerican
2020Floor ShowTheaterAmerican
Total Results: 131 - 13 of 13 1