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Year Title Genre Location
2020Fairytale at the Grand HotelTheaterOld Europe
2020Hundred DaysTheaterAmerican
2020Chicago Acts Together WeekTheaterAmerican
2020Nathan Allen, resigns as Artistic Director House Theatre of ChicagoTheaterAmerican
2020Begins a Scar Photo & Poetry ProjectVisual ArtAmerican
2020Abstract artist’s concrete message in new North Side mural — ‘VOTE’Visual ArtAmerican
2020102-Year-Old Chopin Theatre Asks Public For Help Surviving PandemicTheaterAmerican
2020Illumination 2020 TheaterAmerican
2020Polish Triangle making it beautifulVisual ArtAmerican
2020Urban Village ChurchMusicAmerican
2020Floor ShowTheaterAmerican
Total Results: 131 - 13 of 13 1