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Year Title Genre Location
2018Magiczna MocDance, Polish
2018Yalda Winter Solstice Poetry BazmFestivalRest Of The World
2018The Blue Nocturne Holiday PartyMusicAmerican
2018Leon Forest Prose AwardsLiteraryAmerican
2018The Long Christmas DinnerTheaterAmerican
2018The Nutcracker TheaterAmerican
2018Chopin Theatre turns 100! FestivalRest Of The World
2018The Blue Nocturne presents: Ivan NevilleMusicAmerican
2018All Souls Jazz - XXMusic, Polish
2018The Iranians are coming (again!)Visual ArtAsian
2018Manifest(o): no matter where i go, i still end up meTheaterAmerican
2018The Walls of Harrow HouseTheaterAmerican
2018National Poetry Slam: Chicago 2018 LiteraryAmerican
2018The People's Lobby & Reclaim Chicago - Fundraiser/Comedy NightSocial
2018The First Lions: Founding the Ukrainian Institute of Modern ArtFilmAmerican
2018Official Welcome Party - 29th Annual National Poetry SlamSocialAmerican
2018American Authors, Transnational VoicesLiteraryAmerican
2018Lana EucalyptusMusicAmerican
2018Wild Women of Planet WongoTheaterAmerican
2018The End of TVTheaterAmerican
2018Mihbaj: a staged reading of a play by Riad IsmatLiteraryOld Europe
2018Let's do it again! - A Night on Milwaukee AvenueFilm, Polish
2018ABC Music Competition Youth Piano CompetitionMusic, Polish
2018Mercury HamletTheaterOld Europe
2018House Theatre Birthday BashSocialAmerican
2018Mikhail Scherbakov - Chicago ConcertMusicOld Europe
2018Songs that SpeakMusicAmerican
2018A Night on Milwaukee Avenue - Premiere, Private Screening & Red Carpet After PartyFilm, Polish
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