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Year Title Genre Location
2016The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz TheaterAmerican
2016RoughCut ChristmasTheaterAmerican
2016The Crown and the CrossFilmAmerican
2016IVP Planning seasonSocialRest Of The World
2016RiceFall MusicNew Europe
2016LunaFest - 16th Annual Touring Film FestivalFilmAmerican
2016The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2016Zaduszki Jazzowe/All Souls JazzMusicNew Europe
2016The Tragedy of Macbeth, Fear in the NightTheaterOld Europe
2016Art & Environment: A 25th season wrap-up with round table discussions, food, drinkFestivalAmerican
2016OpenICE at Chopin Theatre MusicAmerican
2016Secret Show - Ubu FaustTheaterAmerican
2016Ubu The KingTheaterAmerican
2016A Comedical Tragedy for Mister PunchTheaterAmerican
2016Celebrating PaulineMusicAmerican
2016Art TalkVisual ArtAmerican
2016Wojtek BlecharzMusicNew Europe
201621st Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Awards Guild Complex LiteraryAmerican
2016The Fly Honey Show #7TheaterAmerican
2016“ A kaz tyz ta Polska, a kaz ta ? ”LiteraryNew Europe
2016Echo Telegraph ConcertMusicNew Europe
2016Death & Harry HoudiniTheaterAmerican
2016Every Picture Tells a Story: Illustrated Art from PolandLiteraryNew Europe
2016Discovering Poland LiteraryNew Europe
2016Filming of Fox TV's Visual ArtAmerican
2016Birth Celebration SocialAmerican
2016DKF Cornelia zaprasza na uroczysta gale OscarowaFilm, SocialNew Europe
2016FilmNew Europe
2016HomarFilmNew Europe
Total Results: 461 - 30 of 46 1 2   next|last