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Year Title Genre Location
2015Out at SeaPolish, Theater
2015Auditions - SargeFilmAmerican
2015Out at Sea - for Near North Montessori SchoolPolish, Theater
2015New Year's Eve ExtravaganzaFestivalAmerican
2015Out at Sea - for Near North Montessori SchoolPolish, Theater
2015A Light Within: 18th Annual Concert for Peace MusicAmerican
2015Out at Sea @ Crushers Chicago Polish, Theater
2015Out at Sea @ Jospehinum AcademyPolish, Theater
2015Out at Sea - for Franciscan OutreachPolish, Theater
2015The Saragossa Manuscript Film, Polish
2015Out at Sea @ Studio Gang ArchitectsPolish, Theater
2015Out at Sea @ School of the Arts InstitutePolish, Theater
20153 SercaFilm, Polish
2015TriQuarterly LaunchLiteraryAmerican
2015Annual Prose AwardsLiteraryAmerican
2015The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2015Out at Sea @ University Illinois ChicagoPolish, Theater
201517th Annual All Souls JazzMusic, Polish
2015Out at Sea @ Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL)Polish, Theater
2015Out at Sea @ Indiana University Northwest (Gary, IN)Polish, Theater
2015Kraj DeszczuTheaterNew Europe
2015Son of BEWARE or Be SQUARETheaterAmerican
2015Out at Sea @ Loyola University ChicagoPolish, Theater
2015The Land of Rain TheaterNew Europe
2015Independent Film FilmAmerican
2015Out at Sea @ Chicago High School for the ArtsPolish, Theater
2015Out at Sea @ Private ResidencePolish, Theater
2015The Story of a Story (The Untold Story) - World PremiereTheaterAmerican
2015Easy Magazine LaunchMusicAmerican
2015Out at Sea (PSFCU Private Event)Polish, Theater
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