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Year Title Genre Location
2021Support Chopin Theatre on Giving Tuesday!SocialAmerican
2019Studio Gang Company meetingSocialAmerican
2019People's Lobby Comedy Fundraiser 2019SocialAmerican
2019PAHA Awards BanquetPolish, Social
2018The People's Lobby & Reclaim Chicago - Fundraiser/Comedy NightSocial
2018Official Welcome Party - 29th Annual National Poetry SlamSocialAmerican
2018House Theatre Birthday BashSocialAmerican
2018Urban Village ChurchSocialAmerican
2017Wicker Park Annual Holiday PartySocialAmerican
2017Chopin Salon #104 - Art Discussion with CPSSocialAmerican
2017Studio Gang Company MeetingSocialAmerican
2017Threat Level Orange: Oobleck & Friends Respond to the Imperial PresidencySocialAmerican
2017Urban Village ChurchSocialAmerican
2016IVP Planning seasonSocialRest Of The World
2016Birth Celebration SocialAmerican
2016DKF Cornelia zaprasza na uroczysta gale OscarowaFilm, SocialNew Europe
2016Tribute - Ryan KellySocialAmerican
2016Urban Village ChurchSocialAmerican
2016Community Meeting - Wicker Park Connection ProjectSocialAmerican
2015Memorial Mark HumanSocial
2016Wedding Reception SocialAmerican
2015Wedding ReceptionSocialAmerican
2015Podcast MidwestSocialAmerican
2015Urban Village ChurchSocialAmerican
2014Veronica Sheaffer CollectionSocialAmerican
2014She 100 FundraiserSocialAmerican
2014Community Meeting - Wicker Park Bucktown SSA#33 Reconstitution SocialAmerican
2014WyzAnt TownhallSocialAmerican
2014Ward Remap PetitionSocialAmerican
Total Results: 1581 - 30 of 158 1 2 3 4 5 6   next|last