Kudos to Chopin - Joan Mazzonelli

Joan Mazzonelli

Dear PerformInk:
Through my own ineptitude I’m sure, I somehow missed Kerry Reid’s article about Sketchbook. I did, however, read the letter to the editor in response to the article from the folks at the Chopin Theatre. Please allow me publicly to give Zygmunt Dyrkacz and Lela Headd a great big bear hug.

I like to think that there are similarities between the Chopin Theatre and Theatre Building Chicago, and that Mr. Dyrkacz and I have similar philosophies about theatre and life—not to linger over similar concerns about “under-financing.”

But there are differences. Theatre Building Chicago is a non-profit company and the Chopin Theatre is privately owned; and I am an employee and Mr. Dyrkacz is an entrepreneur. Sure, I understand “risk,” but I don’t live it in quite the way Zygmunt does.

So I want to give credit where credit is due. First and foremost to the hundreds of artists—talented, creative, risk-taking, but undocumented by the Americans for the Arts, et al—who are in the business of making fine theatre at the Chopin, and at Theatre Building Chicago and at a batch of other “under-financed” places around town. Those artists take the first hit on the risk scale. They are underpaid, many times unremunerated, and mostly undocumented in terms of what they actually offer the city.

But after those artists, the folks at the Chopin come in a close second on the risk scale. I gotta love those guys! - Joan Mazzonelli, Executive Director