Tricks and Treats for Chicago Theatre

Kerry Reid, PerformInk
Published 10/24/08

The Witching Season is upon us.  (Quick Somebody call Sarah Palin's miniter!) And so fittingly enough, there are many comings and goins, openings and closings to note in this time of transition. 

Chopin Theatre ont only serves as a rental facility for some of the hottest companies in town (the Hypocrites, TUTA, Oobleck) but also provides a rare opportunity to sample solo wrok from Europen and beyond in I-Fest.  This year's festival includes Yasser by Moroccan born, Netherlands-residing author Abdelkader Benali, perfromed by Egyptian-Sudanese-Turkish actor  (and curent UK resident) William El-Gardi, which traces the conflicts faced by a young Palestinian actor preparing to play Shylock.  Russian creator Oleg Liptsin and Taiwanese artists Al-Cheng Ho will perform A Propos of the Wet Snow, based on Dostoevsky's "ftoes from Undergorund" There will be tow post-show panel discussions after Wet Snow.  On Nov. 2 Lipsin, Gardi and Teunki van der Slujis will be joined by Columbia Colleges Brian Shaw to discuss preparing a one-person show for Edinburgh.  A week later, on Nov 9, the same group will be joined by Chicago jounralist and comedian Ray Hanania ona panel called "Shakespeare Meets the Middle East".  The mini-UN of experimental theatre runs Oct. 28-Nov. 9.  A complete schedule can befound at