Freedom, horrible freedom. Film fest explores the downside of

Timothy Inklebarger, Chicago Journal
Published 8/22/07

The anti-communist Solidarity Movement in Poland inthe 1980s and the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2004 and 2005 propoelled the soviet block countries into Democratic states. But although the two countries emerged from communist control with hopes for a brighter future, their newfound independence in many cases exacerbated the problems of unemplyment, poverty, violence and corruption.

"Post Revolution Blues" a film and lecture series running this weekend at Chopin Theatre, will exploe the aftermath of independence in the two nations. The films and discussions present the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl through the eyes of children living near the radioactive site, highlight the struggles of Ukrainian childrenliving homeless inthe streets of Kiev and examine theplightof immigrants strugglng to survive in far away lands. 

The festival is part of an ongoign film series at Chopin called 7 1/2 Cinema.  The series already ahs hosted The Chicago Undergroun Film Festival and A Tribute to film director Igmar Begmar.  Dyrkacz, a Polish immigrant, said he was intially worried about featuring the Post Revolution Blues series "because it's so hard to get people to come see things taht are depressing".

He said that the series aims t do more than just entertain but to enlighten those who are unaware of the problems facing former soviet bloc countries. 

"You don't just kill the king and have a new life" he said, "Sometiems it takes a generation".