Schweinehund (Andy Gaukel, USA) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

January 25th - 27. Schweinehund is inspired by the true story of Pierre Seel, a Frenchman deported to a concentration camp on suspicion of homosexuality in 1941. Performed on a wooden table, skeletal puppets interact with projected video-animations evoking powerful snapshots of the atrocities Seel endured juxtaposed with wistful memories of yesteryears. The haunting soundscape and absence of text make Schweinehund a powerfully moving story of love, loss and the resilience of the human spirit.

Tickets - $25/$20 (students). More info/box office: 312-753-3234

1/25/19 - 1/27/19

1/25 @ 9pm, 1/26 @ 9pm, 1/27 @ 4pm


The 12-day, city-wide Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival showcases an entertaining and eclectic array of puppet styles from around the world including marionettes, shadow puppets, Bunraku puppets, tiny toy puppets, and distinctive, innovative styles of contemporary puppetry. The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival is a mission-driven program of Chicago-based theater company Blair Thomas & Co. Founded in 2002, Blair Thomas & Co. is recognized as an international contributor to contemporary puppetry and a creator of uniquely expressive spectacle theater.

Andy Gaukel

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