The Saragossa Manuscript lost classic restored

Polish cult-like masterpiece, The Saragossa Manuscript, got its second life thanks to the financial support of admirers Martin Scorsese, Jerry Garcia and Francis Ford Coppola.  The film also was favorite of Luis Bunuel. The 3 hour digitally restored version showcasing Poland's most famous actors screens this Sunday Nov 29th @ 3p.

There will be a discussion and reception supported in part by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago.  This complimentary evening commemorates 200th anniversary of death of the flamboyant Polish Count J.N. Potocki, author of the book the film is based on.  


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11/29/15 - 11/29/15


Restored lost classic 

The Saragoss Manuscript 

Celebrate 200th year of the flamboyant author’s death



For Immediate Release - Some time ago in 2007 Chicago Cinema Forum and Chopin Theatre organized a special screening of the restored French version of Roberto Rossellini’s India Matri Bhumi. On Sunday, November 29th Chopin Theatre will present another restored masterpiece, The Saragossa Manuscript by director Wojciech Has based on the novel of by eccentric Polish Count J.N. Potocki. 


The Saragossa Manuscript  was released in 1965 and developed an immediate cult-like following in the U.S. despite often being available in a chopped up version rather than the full 3 hour film.  Its admirers include Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel, American musician and Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia and filmmaker Martin Scorsese.   The restoration of the film was financed by Garcia, Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.


The Saragossa Manuscript is a mind-bending, surrealistic cinematic experience featuring intertwining and interrelated stories of the adventurers of Alphonse van Worden.  His escapades are discovered in a manuscript found by enemy officers in Spain during the Napoleonic Wars whom declare a temporary truce after becoming enchanted with the stories of religion, sex, philosophy and magic.


The 3 hour restored Blu-Ray film will screen on Sunday November 29th at 3pm at Chopin Theatre located 1543 W. Division.  The film is in Polish with English subtitles. The screening and reception are complimentary and commemorate the 200th anniversary of J.N. Potocki’s death.  After the screening Loyola University's Zbigniew Banas moderates a discussion with panelists  Wayne Jones Ph.D Harvard University, poet and publisher Fractal Edge Press; Andrzej Krzak University of Illinois Chicago, Playwright, Writer and Director and Ruth Margraff School of the Art Institute Chicago, Chair Writing Department. 

The event is partially supported by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago. 

Jan N. Potocki

Wojciech Has

Zbigniew Banas, Wayne Jones, Andrzej Krzak and Ruth Margraff

Marek Zbucki and Zygmunt Dyrkacz

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