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Year Title Genre Location
2002Role Call: A Generation Anthology of Social & Political Black Literature & Art? Book Release PartyLiteraryAmerican
2002After Hours Magazine Release Party w/Akashic Books Novelists Daniel Buckman and Sparrow PattersonLiteraryAmerican
2002Journal of Ordinary Thought Special Issue Release PartyLiteraryAmerican
2002Michael Phillip Edwards and Nikki PattinLiteraryAmerican
2014Five Lesbians Eating QuicheTheaterAmerican
1996Blues, Jazz, Rock ConnectionMusicAmerican
2004Grace ChicagoMusic, SocialAmerican
2014The Slaughter DaughtersMusicAmerican
1996The PrecipiceTheaterAmerican
2018The Blue Nocturne Holiday PartyMusicAmerican
1999Young Chicago Authors featuring Gregory MitchieLiteraryAmerican
1995Guild Complex - End of Year PartyLiteraryAmerican
2007Poets Club of ChicagoLiteraryAmerican
1997Tomorrow magazine Fifteenth Magazine Spectacular LiteraryAmerican
2000College Poetry Showcase Ink and ImageLiteraryAmerican
2000Jeff Helgeson "Thresholds"LiteraryAmerican
2000Rhino Magazine 2000LiteraryAmerican
2000Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Poetry Awards VIILiteraryAmerican
2002Musicality of Poetry Series XI: Musical Storytelling with Vox Rockwell, Mitar Covic moderates Open MicLiteraryAmerican
1994The Fat GirlTheaterAmerican
1994Big BlondeTheaterAmerican
1996Shoot. Chute.LiteraryAmerican
1996 In Print: The Perils of PostfeminismLiteraryAmerican
1997Underground ExpoMusicAmerican
1997The Bells of BalangigaMusicAmerican
1997The Talent PoolTheaterAmerican
1997John PattonMusicAmerican
1997Rambling Rockumentary/ Fall GuysFilmAmerican
1997Melysha Sargis and Julie Parson-NesbittLiteraryAmerican
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