Year Title Genre Location
2013NiedzwiadekFilm, PolishNew Europe
2013World Music Fest After Concert - Prusniowski TrioMusic, PolishNew Europe
2013Chicago Music Summit - Grazyna AuguscikMusic, PolishNew Europe
2013Writing the History of Poland in the Communist EraLiterary, PolishNew Europe
2013Death & Harry Houdini - Benefit Performance Polish Museum of AmericaPolish, Social, TheaterNew Europe
2013Chopin Salon #97 - AsadFilm, PolishNew Europe
2013Chopin Salon #92 - Paradise: LoveFilm, PolishNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #91 - The ChefFilm, PolishNew Europe
2012Polonia Night with Pirates of PenzancePolish, TheaterAmerican, New Europe
201214th Annual - All Souls JazzMusic, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #87 - Elementary ParticlesFilm, PolishNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #86 - Prof. John MerchantLiterary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #85 - Zaglowozy w Chopin Theatre - W niedziele 9-go wrzesnia o godz.11Film, PolishNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #50 - RusalkaFilm, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #46 - Cyprian Norwid's Poems read by Adam ZagajewskiLiterary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #44 - An Evening with Dr. Lukasz KaminskiPolish, SocialNew Europe
201113th Annual - All Souls JazzMusic, PolishNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #42 - Of Gods & MenFilm, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #41 - Barbara WachowiczLiterary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #38 - Documentary Interviews with Artur RodzinskiFilm, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #35 - Ekspedycja Syberia 2009Film, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #33 - After Milosz: Salon Poetry Brunch & Found in Translation AwardsFestival, Literary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #32 - After Milosz Festival: A Colliquiom & TributesFestival, Literary, Polish, Social
2011Chopin Salon #31 - After Milosz Festival: Opening CeremoniesFestival, Literary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #30 - Tygodnnik PowszechnyLiterary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #29 - 7th Annual Chopin Festival ConcertMusic, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #28 - Adam MakowiczMusic, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2011Ostatni przed końcem świata - Slywester 2012Polish, Social, TheaterNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #25 - Anatoliy TorchinskiMusic, Polish, Social, TheaterNew Europe
2011Chopin Salon #23 - TulpanFilm, Polish, SocialRest Of The World
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