Another Kind of Love Infusion Theatre

May 15th - June 14th - A punk rock star comes back home to her former bandmates and sisters after 15 years in Seattle, for a one night gathering to honor their mother a legend in the rock world, seeking a relationship with her fifteen year old rock-star-to be niece... at the price of destroying the only family she’s got left. We infuse live punk music into this dark comedy about family, fame, and rock-n-roll.

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The Seven Secrets of Madame Caprice Silent Theatre

"I woke up from a dream in a place made of brick. It had a stage with a red velvet curtain and a train rolled by with a bell. I felt warm and alive! And you were there! You sat under a giant cartoonish sunflower and people were watching you weep and laugh at the same time. And somewhere in the air, music existed inside tiny little floating proseco bubbles and when they got too close too the sun, they burst in joyful chimes and disappeared, and I disappeared with them! There was an air, quite theatrical about all of it! And with it, it carried the thrill of adventure"

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Podcast Movement Podcast Movement

Sat 5/23/15 9a-4p - Podcast Movement is the only national level podcasting conference that brings podcasters from all over the world to a central location to learn and grow. The inaugural event was held August 2014 in Dallas, TX, and featured over 40 speakers and over 600 attendees! 2015 will be even bigger and better!

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Chicago Contemperoray Circus Festival Shayna Swanson and Matt Roben