Suhde - Chicago Contemperoray Circus Festival CCCF

Finland  (Fri 6/19-Sun 6/21) - The Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival presents Suhde- an ordinary evening in a quiet living room transformed into a bold presentation of balance, beauty, and brawn. Kate and Pasi, a charming duo from Finland, perform 45 minutes of acrobatic feats unlike anything you have ever known.

All ages. 1 hour, no intermission

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Tossed & Found Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

USA  (Thu 6/18; Sat 6/20-Sun 6/21)  - COME….and see THINGS differently in Peter Davison’s one man contemporary circus show, Tossed & Found. With consummate skill, imagination, and humor, Peter presents a one hour, one-of-a-kind celebration of the material world through a series of precisely choreographed numbers.

All Ages. 1 hour, no intermission.

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The Girlie Show Live Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

USA (Thu 6/18-Sat 6/20) - Join “Big Momma” and her Dixie Land Band as they set sail on a visual ODD’yssey that will titillate your senses. The Girlie Show, directed by Jamieson Lindenburg, is 90 minutes of an all female cast in gorgeous costumes, doing amazing circus feats all to live music. This show delivers a memorable evening that will knock your socks off!

Adults only. 90 mins, one 15 min break.

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The Pirate Show Environmental Encroachment

An original pirate-themed production laddies! - More details soon

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Voyage Cock & Bull Theatre


Voyage is a twisted, psychological thriller takign place during two distinct time periods, the late 18th century and 1960s.  The play's title is named for the psychological, metaphysical and sexual voyage its characters embark upon.

Fly Honey Show #5 The Inconvenience

The inconvenience presents 5th annual Fly Honey Show

"a raucous, rock & roll cabaret and burlesque affair" - TimeOut Chicago