The Fly Honey Show #7 The Inconvenience

Aug 18th - Sep 3rd. The Fly Honey Show, back for the seventh year in a row, promises an intimate yet explosive performance celebration of body positivity through a feminist perspective.  - Tickets $18-$80.  VIDEO!

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Ubu The King Rough House Theatre

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Oct 10th - Dec 4th - Theatre Y, after a year long collaboration with one of France's most lauded contemporary actors, presents Shakespeare's MACBETH. Georges Bigot, also of Theatre du Soleil fame, hunts for the paradox that animates the nightmare of MACBETH: 'that a passion for this world means devouring it, that a kiss is the beginning of cannibalism (Georges Bataille). 

This presentation by Theatre Y and director Georges Bigot is a part of Chicago Shakespeare's yearlong Shakespeare celebration. 

The Three Faces of Dr. Crippen Strange Tree Group

Strange Tree Group remounts The Three Faces of Dr. Crippen, what was once the most famous criminal investigation the world has known: the calamitously comedic tale of Dr. H. H. Crippen, England's most notoriously inept cellar murderer. Chased across the sea by destiny and Marconi's wireless telegraph, this factual (and fanciful) turn of century tragedy explores three versions of the life and death of this homicidal homeopath.

Highly Recommended by Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times

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Play TBD Theatre Ooblect

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Theater Oobleck: No director. New works. Free if you're broke. Twenty-seven years.

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