The Ruse of Medusa Facility Theatre

Thru 04.07 (Fri/Sat 730p; Sun 4p)  TRAILER

"Settle in for an hour of wild antics, visual and aural stimulation, screaming (both human and monkey), and total silliness...surreal sensory show worth experiencing, if for no other reason than the strange joy of witnessing a production unlike anything else playing in Chicago" - Josh Flanders, Chicago Reader

"the hour-long play with incidental music and dance cannot be described, only experienced.. monkey-masked orchestra, the random and repetitive "plot," the almost-but-not-quite-off-the-rails performances, the sense of being pulled down the rabbit hole of free-form absurdity: it all comes together as a strange and enlivening sensation rather than a coherent thought... those interested in Dada, or theater history in general, or the bracing effect of artful surrealism at a time of real-life creeping craziness, should see this production. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a pleasure to boot" - Hugh Iglarsh, NewCity Chicago

Tickets $25 / $15 Previews (2/28-3/31).

Box office/More info - 312-857-3034,


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The Blue Nocturne Presents: Howard Levy The Blue Nocturne & Chopin Theatre Productions

Wed 3//27/19 @ 8pm

Tickets: $40 (Premium Seating) and $30 (Regular Seating)



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Pinnochio House Theatre of Chicago

The House brings to life the classic fairy tale of a wooden boy who wishes to become real. Funny, imaginative, and moving, Pinocchio explores how the lies we tell ourselves hurt those we love.

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