Paper Cut (Yael Rasooly, Israel) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

Jan 18 -Jan 20th  - A lonely secretary remains in the office after everyone else has gone home. From her little corner, using photos from old film magazines, she escapes into a world of daydreams. There she is a glamorous movie star from the 1940s and finds her ideal love at last. But as the story unravels, as imagination and reality collide, her romantic tale becomes a Hitchcock nightmare. This one-woman show reveals the obsessions and dangers of romantic fantasies.

Tickets - $25/$20 (students). More info/box office: 312-753-3234



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Glamour in the Dark (Yael Rasooly, Israel and Iliya Magalnyk) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

Jan 19th - For this special performance, Yael Rasooly, one of Israel's leading independent theater artists, will be joined by accordion artist, composer and arranger Iliya Magalnyk for a cabaret show that takes audiences on a journey back in time to the music of the 1920's-1950's, French romance, Russian drama, the spirit of Klezmer, the groove of jazz and beyond. The duo has performed at the Duplex and the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City, at Festival Orbis Pictus in France, Russia, Denmark and in Israel.


Tickets - $10. More info/box office: 312-753-3234


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Tria Fata (Compagnie La Pendue, France) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

Jan 21-23 - She is a puppeteer. He is a musician. Life and death are playing in their cabaret. The big imaginary machinery they are activating together strangely looks like the one which presides over our destinies: the Ancients believed this weaving loom belongs to the three Parcae - Tria Fata - where the threads of our lives are weaving, uncoiling and breaking.

Presented as part of The Festivals Exchange-supported by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund

Tickets - $26/$21 (students). More info/box office: 312-753-3234



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Axis: The importance of human sacrifice in the 21st Century (Gare Centrale and Une Compagnie, Belgium) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

Jan 25th - 27. It's official. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, while a pair of decadent plutocrats is trying to hang on to their privileges. The axis that has kept them upright, proud and arrogant for ages begins to look more and more like a roundabout. Faced with the enigmatic, the incomprehensible, they lose the capacity for language transforming into a horrible jargon of disoriented humans, into long obsessive complaints, while around them the voices of their unconsciousness resound. Once hard, now flaccid.

Tickets - $41/31 (students). More info/box office: 312-753-3234

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Schweinehund (Andy Gaukel, USA) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

January 25th - 27. Schweinehund is inspired by the true story of Pierre Seel, a Frenchman deported to a concentration camp on suspicion of homosexuality in 1941. Performed on a wooden table, skeletal puppets interact with projected video-animations evoking powerful snapshots of the atrocities Seel endured juxtaposed with wistful memories of yesteryears. The haunting soundscape and absence of text make Schweinehund a powerfully moving story of love, loss and the resilience of the human spirit.

Tickets - $25/$20 (students). More info/box office: 312-753-3234

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FAUST Live! The Blue Nocturne & Chopin Theatre Productions


The 1926 silent film masterpiece, FAUST, by German expressionist filmmaker, F. W. Murnau, will be projected on The Blue Nocturne stage, accompanied by a live and improvised music score by these three veteran heavyweights of Chicago and the worlds' music scene - Robert Irving III (Miles Davis music director and arranger), Paul Von Mertens (Brian Wilson music director and arranger) and Chicago legend Nicholas Tremulis (Songwriter, arranger, music director).

Join us for this battle of good against evil with these great musicians

Tickets - $25


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Koncert Olgi Bończyk „Piosenki z klasą” HUB Kultura

To będzie niezwykły koncert. Subtelnie ułożony. Z piosenkami filmowymi, polskimi przebojami oraz autorskimi utworami artystki.   Olga Bończyk w Chicago już 2 i 3 lutego 2019 r.

Bilety na lub pod nr. tel. (773) 370-2015

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