To Be or Not to Be

March 12, 2020 - No Broadway or Hollywood, but Chicago is a THEATER CITY.  A destination for great, diversified, non-commercial thespians and the intellectual and spiritual life of the city.  We work for applause, good reviews and satisfaction of not being clickbait.

In these surprisingly quick Darwinian times, we appeal to you to help Chicago theaters and their directors, actors, set/light/sound designers, text and music writers, theater employees, etc., etc.

Perhaps Chopin Theatre could be your choice.  For 30 years we have provided a home and technical and marketing assistance for over 2,000 different events in a saved from demolition building. Please see who we are on our website and if you can please make a tax deductible donation here.   Thank you very much!

03/12/20 - 07/31/20

Photo by A.A. Dyrkacz

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