The Ruse of Medusa Facility Theatre

March 2 - April 7.  This lyrical comedy consists of nine short scenes with seven alternating musical compositions involving the Baron Medusa, his daughter Frisette, her young suitor Astolpho, the Baron's recalcitrant valet Polycarpe and a dancing mechanical monkey named Jonas. The Surrealist play juxtaposes music, text and movement and is considered to be a precursor to Dadaism.

Thu-Sat 730pm, Sun 4pm

Tickets $25 / $15 Previews (2/28-3/31).

Box office/More info - 773.251.5567,


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03/02/19 - 04/07/19

Thu-Sat 730pm, Sun 4pm

Erik Satie


David Cerda, Brian Shaw, Jenni Hadley, Taylor Galloway, Laurie Roberts, Jordan Tragash, Nick Cuellar, Wison Tanner Smith, Zach Hebert, and Sam Clapp

Director - dado; Musical Director - Sam Clapp; Assistant Director - Jordan Tragash; Production Manager - Shawna Franks; Stage Manager - Albert “Beep” Trefts; Technical Director - Kirk Anderson; Set Design - Sam Rausch; Costumes - Kotryna Hilko; Props - Jamie Kreppein; Lighting Designer - Claire Chrzan; Choreography - Laurie Roberts; Dramaturgy - Elliot Baker

Tags: Theater, American, 2019