Glamour in the Dark (Yael Rasooly, Israel and Iliya Magalnyk) Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival

Jan 19th - For this special performance, Yael Rasooly, one of Israel's leading independent theater artists, will be joined by accordion artist, composer and arranger Iliya Magalnyk for a cabaret show that takes audiences on a journey back in time to the music of the 1920's-1950's, French romance, Russian drama, the spirit of Klezmer, the groove of jazz and beyond. The duo has performed at the Duplex and the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City, at Festival Orbis Pictus in France, Russia, Denmark and in Israel.


Tickets - $10. More info/box office: 312-753-3234


01/19/19 - 01/19/19

Jan 19 @ 11pm


About the Festival - The 12-day, city-wide Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival showcases an entertaining and eclectic array of puppet styles from around the world including marionettes, shadow puppets, Bunraku puppets, tiny toy puppets, and distinctive, innovative styles of contemporary puppetry. The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival is a mission-driven program of Chicago-based theater company Blair Thomas & Co. Founded in 2002, Blair Thomas & Co. is recognized as an international contributor to contemporary puppetry and a creator of uniquely expressive spectacle theater.

Yael Rasooly and Iliya Magalnyk

Nic Barnum

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