Ian & Gabriel Ian Maksin & Chopin Theatre

Tue May 24th - From Bach to Bossanova and from Django Reinhardt to Eric Clapton - Ian Maksin (Russia) and Gabriel Datcu (Romania) play it all. Taking the cello+guitar combo to an all new level, they have created a unique concept and style encompassing and blending every genre possible: swing, classical, R&B, jazz, classic rock, French and Latin pop.  Tix $20-25; $30 at door.

05/24/16 - 05/24/16

After an incredibly busy season having performed across the country from Seattle to Miami, just before the big summer European tour, Ian Maksin will please his Chicago fans with a number of local appearances giving preview to several of his new projects. On Tuesday May 29, he will be joined by Romanian guitarist extraordinaire Gabriel Datcu for two sets of unique cello-guitar action: shredding everything from Duke Ellington to Drake and from B. B. King to Eric Clapton cleverly trading off solos in their own unique funky style and sonority...

Ian Maksin, Garbiel Datchu

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