Nobel Prize Winner & Me See Art Fusion Inc.

2 shows due to demand!  SERBIAN - Tue 4/12/16 @ 7p & 9p - NOBELOVAC I JA -  Iako nam se čini da smo završili sa mnogim temama u životu ispod veoma krhke površine koja se lako otkloni mi prepoznajemo ponovo naše čežnje, prvenstveno one ljubavne i erotske. Prepoznajemo uznemirenja naše duše koja nas podsećaju na one vanzemaljske radosti koje smo imali u otkrivanju velikih ljubavi.  Pred nama se odvija jedna potpuno neočekivana skoro lakrdijaška priča, koja je toliko izuzetna i van stereoptipa a opet toliko životna,moguća i ubedljiva.


Taj ljubavni impuls da se nekom dopadaš pa onda i on tebi da se dopadne, ljubavno uzletanje, ta dragocena hemija, izgleda da zapravo živi u našem krhkom organizmu do samog kraja.

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04/12/16 - 04/12/16

7p & 9p

From the Director - Although it seems that we're done with many subjects in life under very fragile surfaces that are easy to remove, we recognize again our desires, especially those of love and erotic. We recognize the concerns of our souls that remind us of that unforgettable joy that we've had in the discovery of big love.  Before us is a completely unexpected place almost farcical story, which is so extraordinary and beyond the stereotypes and yet so much full of life, possible and convincing.


About the play - Set in some distant tourist place on the coast, an unknown man in a deserted hotel approaches a woman who had come there to spend a few dull days. It turns out that Mr. Itamar, who is behaving very mysteriously, is a great scientist and Nobel Prize winner and also the woman's friend from earliest childhood. She lives a boring life and now she is very excited and overjoyed that she meets one Nobel Prize winner.

Through a series of humorous situations, they go to her room and in her love making distress she is expecting for it all to end as a wonderful adventure, although both are in deep sixties.  But it turns out that the great genius is not looking for an affair, he is looking to repeat the unforgettable excitement from childhood when they played a kind of child game , where he showed her what “he had” and she showed him what “she had”.  At the first she is insulted by this request but afterwards she agrees and they repeat the game in which he in highest erotic excitement finds inspiration that he was actually looking for:  The mathematical expression that he could not solve for years. With exciting erotic scream "I will save the universe" show ends with her remained to be just happy to have been a part of the great Nobel Prize winner discovery.

M. Fineman

Stefan Sablić

Jelisaveta Sablić; Branko Vidaković

Tags: Theater, New Europe, 2016