Sketchbook 15 - The Finale Collaboraction Theatre

WGN-TV - 15th & Final Sketchbook returns to it's classic format of 16 world premiere short plays, visual art and music. It was originally run at the Chopin Theatre in January 2000, co-created by Artistic Director Anthony Moseley, John Cabrera and Wesley Kimler.

SKETCHBOOK has become the "premiere short play festival in the Midwest" for it's combination of provocative new work, immersive staging and multi-disciplinary environment and will gather a community of artists and audience for its' grand Finale!

  Tickets, $15/30; Festival Passes $30/$55/$150


More info/tickets - 312.226.9633

1/14/16 - 1/24/16


About the Plays:

Thursday, January 14 at 8 p.m.| Saturday, January 16 at 7 p.m. - Opening 
Sunday, January 17 at 7 p.m. | Friday, January 22 at 8 p.m.
Saturday, January 23 at 9 p.m. | Sunday, January 24 at 3 p.m.

Spanx You Very Much

devised By Dani Bryant, directed by Erica Barnes

A dance piece with 50+ women commenting on beauty standards, using the popular “spanx.”


by Laura Jacqmin, directed by Greg Werstler

Laser and commander play a video game together and sort through their relationship and the meaning of fatherhood.

Fix Your Teeth B*tch Remix
devised by Carolyn Hoerdemann
An artist’s infatuation with her dentist and the rituals in his chair turn into a drug induced dreamscape in this remix of an earlier SKETCHBOOK piece.



by Drew Dir, directed by Lee Stark

A puppet show peek into the zoological life of Kit as she faces the struggles of young adulthood.


Trump International Tower

devised by Benno Nelson and Ethan Dubin

An actual promotional video for Chicago’s Trump International Tower is adapted for the stage.



by Arlene Malinowski, directed by Lavina Jadhwani

Through a spoken word orchestra, we explore the racial judgments of people on an el platform.


When the Bachelors Come Out of the Brush

by Anne Washburn, directed by Jeremy Wechsler

An uneducated rural man goes from humble beginnings to become a successful lawyer.


The Title is Forgotten

devised by Jen Ellison

A mini opera based on the prose poem The Title is Forgotten, the piece incorporates projected images alongside song and movement.



Friday, January 15 at 8 p.m. | Sunday, January 16 at 9 p.m. – Opening
Monday, January 18 at 8 p.m.  |
Thursday, January 21 at 8 p.m.
Saturday, January 23 at 7 p.m. | Sunday, January 24 at 5 p.m.   

Open Arms (The Rapture)

by Emily Schwartz, directed by Steven Wilson

By a stroke of twisted fate, Jennifer and Brian actually end up enjoying their high school dance.


We Call You Family; We Call You Memory

by Andrew Grigg, directed by Genevieve Fowler

While sitting in a vet’s office, an old dog reflects on her ideas of words and meaning of family.


The After

by Samantha Dedian, directed by Charlotte Drover

Using true stories distilled into poetry, The After explores the low aftermath that leaves one splintered and the lasting effects of sexual assault.


I <3 Juliet

by The Q Brothers

Chicago’s masters of Hip Hop Shakespeare take on R and J with collaborator Jackson Doran.


Ma(s)king Her

devised by Honey Pot Performance

A multidisciplinary performance work actively imagining an Afro-feminist mythology.


Overnight Parking Ban, In Effect

by Joe Zarrow, directed by Sarah Moeller

A driver awaits her car after being towed to the auto pound at 701 N. Sacramento in this exploration of the ups and downs of living in Chicago.

Seven Minutes
by Beth Henley, directed by John Cabrera

The writer of Crimes of the Heart and The Jacksonian unveils a new work that explores silence, our country’s breadth of product choices and the theatrical possibilities within only seven minutes.



devised by Anthony Moseley and Liviu Pasare

A couple relives their lives over and over again, starring David Dastmalchian (Ant-Man, The Dark Knight) and Collaboraction ensemble member Sandra Delgado.


Dani Bryant, Erica Barnes, Laura Jacqmin, Greg Werstler, Carolyn Hoerdemann, Drew Dir, Lee Stark, Benno Nelson, Ethan Dubin, Arl

SPANX YOU VERY MUCH (Alexis Randolph, Ali McLaugh, Ali Shields, Angelica Roque, Ana Martinez, Ashley Agbay, Ania Greiner, Bailey Murphy, Briana Majus, Carolyn Minor, Chacora Abrams, Claudia Iao, Danielle Holtz, Danielle Rennalls, Deanalis Resto, Eileen Tull, Elizabeth HopeWilliams, Erin Fox, Gaby Labotka, Genevieve Lally Knuth, Hannah Phelps, Proctor, Havvalah Grace Team, Jasmyn Leapheart, Jenna Jo Palwicki, Jennifer Cox, Jessica Ervin, Jessica Kubiak, Katie Call, Katya Schexnayore, Kelsey Shipley,Kimberly Logan, Kristen Metcalfe,Laurie Viets,Lexi Saunders,Libby Conckle, Lindsey Charles,Maggie Wagner, Mia Vivens, Morgan Manasa, Nelia Miller, Richla Davis, Sarah Beckette, Tara Bouldrey); POST APOCALYPTO (Scott Mullins, Casey Morris, Katie Utterback, Brian Plocharzcyk); FIX YOUR TEETH B*TCH-REMIX (Carolyn Hoerdemann, Kirk Anderson); MENAGERIE (Amber Hugee, Alex Stein, Andy Lampl, Marta Evans, Molly Corkins); TRUMP INTERNATIONAL TOWER: RAW FOOTAGE (Alexander Lane, Christine Vrem-Yostie); SILENCED (Mary Mikva, Karissa Myers, Tyshaun Lang, Abie Irabor, Bryan Wakefield, Lindsay Stock, Rasika Ranganathan); WHEN BACHELORS COME OUT OF THE BRUCH (John Fenner Mays, Leah Aberman, Gabe Morrison, Margo Vervony, Andrew Jessop, Esme Ayvar-Perez, Shawn Hansen, Andrew Jessop); THE TITLE IS FORGOTTEN (Steven Gilpin, Antonio Brunetti, Alex Balestrieri, Brooke Breit, Nicole Hastings); OPEN ARMS: THE RAPTURE ( Janelle Villas, Jeremy Gentry, Whitney Dottery, Londen Shannon, Jerico Bleu, Sheila O'Connor, Max Lapine, Jessica Ervin, Tammy Stockpoole, Amanta Martinez, Jacob Gilchrist, Nicholas Sidoran, Chloe Dzielak, Katy Fattaleh, Nick Svain, Whtney Dottery, Maeve Whalen); WE CALL YOU FAMILY; WE CALL YOU MEMORY (Karen Holbert, Izzy Bravo, Rosie Newton, Rasika Ranganathan); THE AFTER (Samantha Dedian, Chelsea David, Alex Dauphin, Chloe Dzielak, Lauren Kenning); THE BALCONY SCENE FROM I <3 JULIET (Jonatha Nieves, Sophia Ntovas); MA(S)KING HER (Felicia Holman, Aisha Jean-Baptiste, Abra Johnson, Meida McNeal); OVERNIGHT PARKING BAN, IN EFFECT (Gary Simmers); SEVEN MINUTES (Alex Stein, Susan Wingerter); BLINK (David Dastmalchian, Sandra Delgado, Patrese mcClain);

Anthony Moseley (Festival Director); SarahMoeller (Producer); WesleyKimler (Art Director); John Wilson (Set Designer); Heather Sparling (Lighting Designer); Jeremy Getz (Lighting Designer); Matt Reich (Sound Designer - Death); Thomas Dixon (Sound Designer - Life); Elsa Hiltner (Costume Designer - Death); Kristen Ahern (Costume Designer Life); Vanessa Thomas (Props Designer - Death); Victoria Apodaca (Props Designer - Life); LviuPasare (Video Deisgner); Nathaniel Swift (Casting Director); Josh Olgine (Technical Director); Erica Bush (Production Manager); Caitlin Body (Stage Manager); Justin Dietzel (Asst Festival Director); GarthMoritz (Floor Manager); Jenny Lynn Christoffersen (Box office/Director of Marketing); Jessica Swim (Run Crew); CamDonovan (Run Crew); Harrison Kanter (Run Crew); Sam Rolfes (Graphic Designer); Joel Maisonet and Ania Sodziak (Photographers)

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