The Girlie Show Live Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival

USA (Thu 6/18-Sat 6/20) - Join “Big Momma” and her Dixie Land Band as they set sail on a visual ODD’yssey that will titillate your senses. The Girlie Show, directed by Jamieson Lindenburg, is 90 minutes of an all female cast in gorgeous costumes, doing amazing circus feats all to live music. This show delivers a memorable evening that will knock your socks off!

Adults only. 90 mins, one 15 min break.

Single Tickets / Festival Passes available


The Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival present's the nation's most comprehensive celebration of circus arts. Last year's inaugural festival entertained 5,000 visitors with ground-breaking  performances from Europe, Canada and the United States. The year consists of 13 different shows for a total of 30 performances,  spanning across three venues across the city. The lineup includes world-class performances by troupes from Sweden, Finland, England, Australia and the United States and includes adult as  well as family shows.

Bearded Lady Productions

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