Heebs Help Haiti: A concert for Emergency Relief KFAR Jewish Arts Center, Hothouse, Global Groove

We've all seen the news. The tragic events in Haiti have moved us to help.

01/12/10 - 01/24/10

7p doors; 8p Concert. $10/$15 at door

We've all seen the news. The tragic events in Haiti have moved us to help. Judaism values saving lives (pikuach nefesh) before nearly everything.

Accordingly, we've transformed what was to be our Tu B'Shvat event this Sunday into a way to raise some money for Haiti disaster relief.

Instead of celebrating ecology and the New Year of the Trees, we'll be contributing toward helping to save lives. Either way its Tikkun Olam and we hope you join us.

It's the same talent, the same venue, and the same price, just a different aim- albeit one that's equally Jewish.

Partial proceeds from the event will be donated to JUF's Haitian Earthquake Relief Fund, which is funneling funds to Joint Distribution Committee and IsraAID, both on the ground in Haiti.

We hope to see you Sunday and that you will invite your friends.

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