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Year Title Genre Location
2019Exit, Pursued by a BearTheaterAmerican
2019All Souls JazzFestival, MusicOld Europe
2019The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2019—ight of Hispanic FlowFestivalRest Of The World
2019The U-TurnFestival, FilmRest Of The World
2019GARAGE MusicNew Europe
2019AUDIENCE by Vaclav HavelTheater
2019DIKANDAMusicNew Europe
2019Krzysztofa KomedyMusicNew Europe
2019FeliciteFilmOld Europe
2019The Silence in Harrow HouseTheaterAmerican
2019FEOS Festival, TheaterRest Of The World
2019Commemorating 80th anniversary of the beginning of WWII Literary, SocialAmerican
2019Studio Gang Company meetingSocialAmerican
2019Invitation to a BeheadingTheaterAmerican
2019The Legendary David Murray-Kahil ElíZabar Duo! American
2019Echo TelegraphMusicAmerican
2019Chuck Webb & Guru TonicMusicAmerican
2019People's Lobby Fundraiser with Stand Up ComedySocialAmerican
2019It is Magic - Remount TheaterAmerican
201930th Anniversary Party & BenefitLiteraryAmerican
2019Back in the Day: An 80's House Music DancesicalTheaterAmerican
2019Mark the Knife with Madame X & the AlibisTheaterAmerican
2019Kaeyra's 18th ConcertMusic, PolishNew Europe
2019Even TideTheaterAmerican
2019Ich CzworoPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2019The Socialist ManifestoLiteraryAmerican
2019Over the Moon and Under the Sun MusicAmerican
2019Woman and the GlacierFilmNew Europe
2019NIU 2019 MFA/BFA Actor ShowcaseTheaterAmerican
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