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Year Title Genre Location
2019The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2019The Walls of Harrow HouseTheaterAmerican
2019Invitation to a BeheadingTheaterAmerican
201930th Anniversary Party & BenefitLiteraryAmerican
2019Back in the Day: An 80's House Music DancesicalTheaterAmerican
2019Mark the Knife with Madame X & the AlibisTheaterAmerican
2019Kaeyra's 18th ConcertMusic, PolishNew Europe
2019Even TideTheaterAmerican
2019Ich CzworoPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2019The Socialist ManifestoLiteraryAmerican
2019Over the Moon and Under the Sun MusicAmerican
2019Woman and the GlacierFilmNew Europe
2019NIU 2019 MFA/BFA Actor ShowcaseTheaterAmerican
2019It is MagicTheaterAmerican
2019Dynamic Donuts: Music in the morning with Chicago Fringe OperaMusicAmerican
2019Garden Alchemy: 3 responses to SatieMusicAmerican
2019The Blue Nocturne Presents: Howard LevyMusicAmerican
2019Vexations by Erik SatieFestivalOld Europe
2019The Ruse of MedusaTheaterAmerican
2019Tabletop TragediesFestivalAmerican
2019TEMPORARILY POSTPONED due to Visa - Koncert Olgi Bończyk Music, PolishNew Europe
2019FAUST Live!MusicAmerican
2019Axis: The importance of human sacrifice in the 21st Century (Gare Centrale and Une Compagnie, Belgium)FestivalOld Europe
2019Tria Fata (Compagnie La Pendue, France)FestivalOld Europe
2019Glamour in the Dark (Yael Rasooly, Israel and Iliya Magalnyk)Music, TheaterRest Of The World
2019Paper Cut (Yael Rasooly, Israel)Festival, TheaterRest Of The World
2019The Catapult 2019 - w/JeghettoFestivalNew Europe
2019The Catapult 2019 - w/Yael RasoolyFestivalRest Of The World
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