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Year Title Genre Location
2012New Years Eve 2012/2013Social, TheaterRest Of The World
2012Chopin Salon #91 - The ChefFilm, PolishNew Europe
2012Funding Feeding FrenzySocialAmerican
2012The Nutcracker - Special Benefit Performance Near North MontessoriSocial, TheaterAmerican
2012Polonia Night with Pirates of PenzancePolish, TheaterAmerican, New Europe
2012Urban Village ChurchSocialAmerican
2012Pirates of PenzanceTheaterAmerican
201214th Annual - All Souls JazzMusic, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2012In The ObservariumTheaterAmerican
2012The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #88 - Guild Complex Annual Prose Awards for Short Fiction & Non FictionLiteraryAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #87 - Elementary ParticlesFilm, PolishNew Europe
2012Poets Club of ChicagoLiteraryAmerican
2012The AltruistsTheaterAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #86 - Prof. John MerchantLiterary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #85 - Zaglowozy w Chopin Theatre - W niedziele 9-go wrzesnia o godz.11Film, PolishNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #84 - How I Ended the SummerFilmNew Europe
2012Chopin Salon #83 - Mistrzostwa Swiata Balonow 2012FilmNew Europe
2012Galician PartyFestival, MusicNew Europe
2012“After Schulz” FestivalFestival, LiteraryNew Europe
2012The Fall of the House of UsherTheaterAmerican
2012Dzis KlancykTheaterNew Europe
2012The Iron Stag KingTheaterAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #90 - Mournfully Soulful Music for HalloweenMusicAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #89 - Hallow's EveLiterary
2012Recognizing and Capitalizing on OpportunitiesSocialAmerican
20124th International Polish Studies ConferenceLiteraryNew Europe
2012Intelligentsia Coffee Company MeetingSocialAmerican
2012Chopin Salon #81 -White MaterialFilmNew Europe
Total Results: 951 - 30 of 95 1 2 3 4   next|last