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Year Title Genre Location
2010Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Chopin!Music, PolishNew Europe
2010Chopin Salon#7 - Zvonimir NagyMusic, SocialNew Europe
2010Chopin Salon #6 - Chopin in AsiaMusic, PolishAsian, New Europe
2010Chopin Salon #5 - ABC Youth Music & Maralgua DarjaaMusic, PolishAsian, New Europe
20107 1/2 Cinema presents - AgAuFilmAmerican
2010Polish American Chamber Commerce Holiday PartyPolish, SocialNew Europe
2010Pirates of PenzanceTheaterAmerican
2010Chopin Salon #4 - Founder's Brunch with Hsiao Ling LinMusic, PolishAsian, New Europe
2010Sylwester 2011Polish, SocialNew Europe
2010The Magic ParlourSocial, TheaterAmerican
2010Between the Hammer & the AnvilMusicAmerican
2010The Game Game Show and Stuff! (#2)TheaterAmerican
2010All Souls Jazz FestivalMusic, PolishNew Europe
2010Chopin Salon #3 - Zaduszki Jazzowe: Tribute to F Chopin and I.J. PaderewskiMusic, PolishNew Europe
2010The NutcrackerTheaterAmerican
2010Poppin Dollz CabaretMusicAmerican
2010Chopin Salon #2 - Milosz BiedrzyckimLiterary, PolishNew Europe
2010The Story of TeaSocial, TheaterNew Europe
2010The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the great Rock & Roll RivalryLiterary, MusicOld Europe
2010The Game Game Show...and StuffTheaterAmerican
2010Night Kite Revival!LiteraryAmerican
2010Thieves Like UsTheaterAmerican
2010The Prohibition Orchestra and Swing HakimMusicRest Of The World
2010Modjeska! The Artist's DreamPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2010Gypsy Rhythm ProjectMusicRest Of The World
2010Singer/Songwriter ShowcaseMusicAmerican
2010Rebbesoul and Magic CarpetMusicRest Of The World
2010The Magic ParlourTheaterAmerican
Total Results: 851 - 30 of 85 1 2 3   next|last