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Year Title Genre Location
2002Around the Clock TheatreFestivalAmerican
2002Chicago Improv Festival FestivalAmerican
2001Around the Coyote 12th Annual FestivalFestivalRest Of The World
2001Ladyfest MidwestFestivalAmerican
2001Transmissions 004FestivalRest Of The World
2001Iktu BlasFestivalAmerican
2001Festival, TheaterAmerican
2001Anarchist Film FestivalFilm, FestivalAmerican
2001If You Don't Have Arms You Cannot SurrenderFestivalAmerican
2001Out Of My SkinFestivalAmerican
2001Clowns In the VaginaFestivalRest Of The World
2001Does This Mean Anything To YouFestivalAmerican
2001Late Night CabaretFestivalAmerican
2001Blah Blah BlahFestivalAmerican
2001Morte Le Grove In My Impending DeathFestivalAmerican
2001Knot My Best MomentsFestivalAmerican
2000Around the Coyote FestivalFestivalRest Of The World
2000Winter Sketchbook FestivalTheater, FestivalAmerican
1999Around the Coyote 10th Annual FestivalFestivalAmerican
1999Beck Institute Arts FestivalFestivalAmerican
1998Around the Coyote 9Th Annual FestivalFestivalRest Of The World
1997Around the Coyote FestivalFestivalAmerican
1997A Saint Patrick Day Celebration with a DifferenceFestivalOld Europe
1996Around The Coyote FestivalFestivalAmerican
1996Re-viewing Ourselves: 15 Years Gay/Lesbian Film ImageryFilm, FestivalAmerican
1996Onion City Film FestivalFilm, FestivalAmerican
1995Around the Coyote FestivalFestivalAmerican
1994Around the Coyote FestivalFestivalAmerican
1992Experiment in FantasyVisual Art, FestivalAmerican
1992Dana BeckerVisual Art, FestivalAmerican
Total Results: 14891 - 120 of 148  first | previous   1 2 3 4 5   next|last