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Year Title Genre Location
2003The Marriage of FigaroTheaterOld Europe
1996IndependenceTheaterOld Europe
2002Hieronimus BoschFestivalOld Europe
2002IcarusTheaterOld Europe
2002The CaretakerTheaterOld Europe
2002Orestes 2.0TheaterOld Europe
2002No ExitTheaterOld Europe
2001The Big FunkTheaterOld Europe
2001Women Writers Event; Zadie Smith, author of White TeethLiteraryOld Europe
2001Night of January 16thTheaterOld Europe
2001Quare FellowTheaterOld Europe
2001A Family AffairTheaterOld Europe
2001MacbettTheaterOld Europe
2000MacbettTheaterOld Europe
2000Salon with Krzysztof PiesiewiczSocialOld Europe
2000Patsy Rodenburg Acting WorkshopTheaterOld Europe
2000Factory GirlsTheaterOld Europe
2000From Germany to Chicago: New Voices in FictionLiteraryOld Europe
1999MacbethTheaterOld Europe
1999Marx in SohoSocial, TheaterOld Europe
1999Richard II:Poet KingTheaterOld Europe
1999Simone AloneTheaterOld Europe
1999The Mandrake: A Renaissance MusicalTheaterOld Europe
1999Musicality of Poetry Festival VII: The J.B. Pariahs, Performing ?Dubliners in Song: Literary, MusicOld Europe
1999Edward IITheaterOld Europe
1998Midsummer Night's DreamTheaterOld Europe
1997The Transfiguration of Benno BlimpieTheaterOld Europe
1997The Golden GateFilmOld Europe
1997The TempestTheaterOld Europe
1997Celtic City Words and MusicLiterary, MusicOld Europe
Total Results: 14191 - 120 of 141  first | previous   1 2 3 4 5   next|last