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Year Title Genre Location
2015Out at Sea @ Private ResidencePolish, TheaterNew Europe
2015Easy Magazine LaunchMusicAmerican
2015Out at Sea (PSFCU Private Event)Polish, TheaterNew Europe
2015Out at Sea (Previews)Polish, TheaterNew Europe
2015Out at Sea (PACC Private Event)Polish, TheaterAmerican
2015Out at Sea (Dramatized Reading)Literary, Polish, TheaterNew Europe
2015Pirate Pajama PartyMusic, TheaterAmerican
2015AbjeezMusicOld Europe
2015Chopin Brunch Salon #226 - Malgorzata PospiechLiterary, Polish, SocialNew Europe
2015San Paroles Music
2015Cities East and West: New Maps for ResearchLiterary, PolishNew Europe
2015Ryley WalkerMusicAmerican
20153rd Annual Midwest Historians of East Central Europe WorkshopLiterary, PolishAmerican
2015New Yorker by Choice - Life and Music of Michal Urbaniak with Felton Crews BandMusic, PolishNew Europe
2015Wieczˇr kolęd / Evening of Christmas CarolsMusic, PolishAmerican
2014Black Oak EnsembleMusicNew Europe
2014Rob Mazurek - Alternate Moon Cycles Release ShowMusicAmerican
2014Tribute to S. Mrozek and Z. HerbertLiterary, Polish, TheaterNew Europe
2014Nasz KasprowyFilm, PolishNew Europe
201416th All Souls Jazz FestivalMusic, PolishOld Europe
2014Black PenMusicNew Europe
2014Darren Hayman and Coltrane Motion MusicAmerican
2014Wyprawa Kon-TikiFilm, PolishNew Europe
2014Jetting Around ConcertMusicNew Europe
2014Filthy StillMusicAmerican
2014Owen MaysMusicAmerican
2014Calamity Cubes, Carrie Nation & The SpeakEasy, Matt Woods, Joseph Huber, Devil's Cut, Jailhouse Poets and Drunken CuddleMusicAmerican
2014The Slaughter Daughters and Lonesome TonyMusicAmerican
2014Soda Goardocki, Wastemen and Hangdog HeartsMusicAmerican
2014VI Annual Piano CompetitionMusic, PolishNew Europe
Total Results: 50861 - 90 of 508  first | previous   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   next|last