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Year Title Genre Location
1993Jikken EigaFilmAsian
1993Something should be done abut Grandma RuthieFilm, SocialAmerican
1993Opening Night BenefitFilm, SocialAmerican
1993RomancaPolish, Theater
1993MalpaPolish, Theater
1992JackowoPolish, Theater
1992Jadwiga DziduchFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Joanna LohnFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Lukasz KonieczkoFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Krzysztof MagdzinskiFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Piotr JanowskiFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Slawomir MurawskiFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Tadeusz HipnerFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Ida JablonevecFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Barbara WegorekFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Wojciech WrobelFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Jackowo StoryFestival, Polish, Theater
1992Grapefruit: A minimalist CarnivalAmerican
1992Ja, WalesaPolish, Theater
1992Kind NessTheater, American
1992Avalanche Ranch - A Drum OperaFilmAmerican
1990American WayPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2001Pavel Lion concertMusic, Polish
2001Barabasz Jazz QuartertMusic, PolishNew Europe
1998Spotkanie- Daniel RostenkowskiPolish, SocialNew Europe
1994Zielnik (Polish, Theater
2015Out at Sea - for Near North Montessori SchoolPolish, TheaterNew Europe
1997Rambling Rockumentary/ Fall GuysFilmAmerican
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