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Year Title Genre Location
1997Why Live HereFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors Presents Writing for Young PeopleLiterary, American
1997The Golden GateFilmOld Europe
1997On the Edge: The Films of Greta SniderFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors - High School Drama NightLiterary, American
1997The Revolution Has Begun: Robert Kramer's IceFilmAmerican
1997Further Adventures of Animated WomenFilmAmerican
1997Here Be Monsters!FilmAmerican
1997HappinessFilmNew Europe
1997A Saint Patrick Day Celebration with a DifferenceOld Europe
1997Dreaming in the DarkFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors -Educators? Night Literary, American
1997Male Sexuality and its Discontents:FilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors: "Getting Real"Literary, American
1997Can Dialectics Break Bricks?FilmAmerican
1997Super 8FilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors Featuring Ifa Bayeza- Multimedia WriterLiterary, Rest Of The World
1997Rouch in ReverseFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors Featuring Poet Jeanne R. TownsLiterary, American
1997Here Be MonstersAmerican
1997Subtle Subversions: Films by Peggy AhweshFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors - Writers From Von Steuben High SchoolLiterary, American
1997Prisoners of WarFilmOld Europe
1996Szelmowstwa SkapenaPolish, Theater
1996Monster ShowFilmAmerican
1996Mining the Collective UnconsciousFilmAmerican
1996Union Maids by Jim Klein, Julia Reichert, Miles Mogulescu and Means of Grace by J. ClementsFilmAmerican
1996Peggy and Fred in HellFilmAmerican
Total Results: 598421 - 450 of 598  first | previous   8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20   next|last