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Year Title Genre Location
1997All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party and BeyondFilmAmerican
1997Creosote and MoreFilmAmerican
1997John Porter: Super-8 Film and PerformanceFilmAmerican
1997Geographies of Light - Recent Films from the Avant-Garde -FilmAmerican
1997The Fragile Promise of Choice: Abortion in the US TodayFilmAmerican
1997Society of the SpectacleFilmAmerican
1997Chicago's Own ConnectionsFilmAmerican
1997Gallery 37 Students Perform Poetry and ProseLiterary, American
1997Chicago's Own: Film and Video by Stratman, Sykes, Broder, Froehle, and LavensteinFilmAmerican
1997Chronic and more: Films by Jennifer ReevesFilmAmerican
1997Venom and EternityFilmAmerican
1997Coloring Outside the LinesFilmAmerican
1997Ann Robertson's Diary FilmsFilmAmerican
199750 Feet of StringFilmAmerican
1997Citizen Soldier: The Story of The Vietnam Veterans Against the WarFilm, SocialAsian
1997On the Nature of ThingsFilmAmerican
1997Intimate Light: Films of Nathaniel DorskyFilmAmerican
1997Poets from the Latin School Featuring Billy LombardoLiterary, Rest Of The World
1997Frederick Wiseman's PrimateFilmAmerican
1997Sixth national Poetry Video Festival - Andrei Codrescu: A Workshop with Young Chicago AuthorsLiterary, American
1997Sixth National Poetry and Video Festival National Poetry Video SlamLiterary, Film, American
1997Young Chicago Authors - The Art of the Short StoryLiterary, American
1997Shock Asylum and Other Twisted TalesFilmAmerican
1997Wyglupy teatralnePolish, Theater
1997Why Live HereFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors Presents Writing for Young PeopleLiterary, American
1997The Golden GateFilmOld Europe
1997On the Edge: The Films of Greta SniderFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago Authors - High School Drama NightLiterary, American
1997The Revolution Has Begun: Robert Kramer's IceFilmAmerican
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