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Year Title Genre Location
1997Jump Start - Woodland pattern TeensLiterary, American
1997Young Chicago Authors - Kurt HeintzLiterary, American
1997Down Clark StreetFilmAmerican
1997Szelmowstwa SkapenaPolish, TheaterNew Europe
1997Media Assassin - Works by Art JonesFilmAmerican
1997Young Chicago AuthorsLiterary, American
1997All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party and BeyondFilmAmerican
1997Creosote and MoreFilmAmerican
1997John Porter: Super-8 Film and PerformanceFilmAmerican
1997Geographies of Light - Recent Films from the Avant-Garde -FilmAmerican
1997The Fragile Promise of Choice: Abortion in the US TodayFilmAmerican
1997Society of the SpectacleFilmAmerican
1997Chicago's Own ConnectionsFilmAmerican
1997Gallery 37 Students Perform Poetry and ProseLiterary, American
1997Chicago's Own: Film and Video by Stratman, Sykes, Broder, Froehle, and LavensteinFilmAmerican
1997Chronic and more: Films by Jennifer ReevesFilmAmerican
1997Venom and EternityFilmAmerican
1997Coloring Outside the LinesFilmAmerican
1997Ann Robertson's Diary FilmsFilmAmerican
199750 Feet of StringFilmAmerican
1997Citizen Soldier: The Story of The Vietnam Veterans Against the WarFilm, SocialAsian
1997On the Nature of ThingsFilmAmerican
1997Intimate Light: Films of Nathaniel DorskyFilmAmerican
1997Poets from the Latin School Featuring Billy LombardoLiterary, Rest Of The World
1997Frederick Wiseman's PrimateFilmAmerican
1997Sixth national Poetry Video Festival - Andrei Codrescu: A Workshop with Young Chicago AuthorsLiterary, American
1997Sixth National Poetry and Video Festival National Poetry Video SlamLiterary, Film, American
1997Young Chicago Authors - The Art of the Short StoryLiterary, American
1997Shock Asylum and Other Twisted TalesFilmAmerican
1997Wyglupy teatralnePolish, Theater
Total Results: 598391 - 420 of 598  first | previous   7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20   next|last