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Year Title Genre Location
1999Jane: Abortion and The UndergroundTheater, American
1999Anons by Teatr MiszungPolish, TheaterNew Europe
1999Writing Through the Prism of Self And Community ReadingLiterary, American
1999A Picture of MeFilm, PolishNew Europe
1999The PragmatistPolish, TheaterNew Europe
1999Poets Across the Generations IV: Rare Videos with Haki Madubuti and Chet LongFilm, LiteraryAmerican
1999Sprobujmy jeszcze razPolish, TheaterNew Europe
1998Young Chicago Authors HolidayLiterary, American
1998A Cabaret for Human Rights -Social, Rest Of The World
1994Video making to Fight the Right: The Right to ChooseFilmAmerican
1998Young Chicago Authors - Harper H.S. Ghana Trip StoriesLiterary, Rest Of The World
1998Zgaga with Dorota StalinskaPolish, Theater
1998Pamietnik wariata - Teatr StaryPolish, Theater
199880th anniversary of Chopin TheatrePolish, TheaterNew Europe
199880th Anniv Chopin Theatre: Ireuneusz KrosnyLiterary, Polish
1994Gay/Lesbian Film FestivalFilmAmerican
1998Young Chicago Authors: Quraysh Ali LansanaLiterary, American
1994Strange PortraitsFilmAmerican
1994Animated FilmsFilmAmerican
1998Young Chicago Authors - Jay Amberg & Blackbirds SingingLiterary, American
1994Light and TimeFilmAmerican
1998Poezja Zbigniewa Herberta I Jaroslaw GajewskiLiterary, Polish, Theater
1998Opowiesci o kacie Holuszce - Jaroslaw GajewskiPolish, TheaterNew Europe
1994Films & Sound CollagesFilmAmerican
1998Bus Stops - Performance by Scrap Mettle SoulAmerican
1998Tales of Love and WarRest Of The World
1998Young Chicago Authors: Back to School PartyLiterary, American
1994Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the MediaFilmAmerican
1998Pokusice - Banialuka TheatrePolish, Theater
1994Chicago's Own: Music VideosFilmAmerican
Total Results: 598331 - 360 of 598  first | previous   5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19   next|last