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Year Title Genre Location
2007New Europe Nights - The StrangererPolish, Social, TheaterNew Europe
2007Cabaret: My Damn ButterflyMusicRest Of The World
2007Cabaret: The Thin ManMusicRest Of The World
2006Zaduski JazzoweMusic, PolishNew Europe
2006I-Fest 2006:
Julian Swift-Speed, Poland
Festival, Polish, Theater
2006Othello by Legnica TeatrPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2006Juwenalia 2006Polish, Visual ArtNew Europe
2006Adam ZagajewskiLiterary, PolishNew Europe
2005Holiday Party - Society of Young Polish ProfessionalsPolish, SocialNew Europe
2005Zaduzski JazzoweMusicNew Europe
2005Grace ChicagoMusic, SocialAmerican
2004Youth Piano ConcertMusic, PolishNew Europe
2004Joseph Conrad Film ScreeningFilm, PolishNew Europe
2004Zaduski JazzoweMusic, PolishNew Europe
2004Four Dreams of HolderlinPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2004Music of the Unknown - Classical ConcertMusicAmerican
2004When God Looked the Other WayLiterary, PolishNew Europe
2004Scenario for Three Actors by Teatr KorezPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2004Under the Tightrope: Chamber Music of Sofia GubaidulinaMusicRest Of The World
2004Benefit - The Chicago SocietyPolish, SocialNew Europe
2004Marianna Sadovska & Kwartet JorgiMusic, PolishNew Europe
2004Przejazd Tam by Teatr LogosPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2004Czewslaw Niemen TributeMusic, PolishNew Europe
2004Classically Cool JazzMusic, PolishNew Europe
2003Cabaret MumioPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2003Classical Piano PresentationMusic, PolishNew Europe
2003Isadora, I Love YouMusicAmerican
2003Jazz/Poetry with Ugochi Nwaogwugwu and Nicole MitchellMusicAmerican
2003Straight Out of Mrozek: ImmigranciPolish, TheaterNew Europe
2003Straight Out of Mrozek: StriptizPolish, TheaterNew Europe
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