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Year Title Genre Location
1992Avalanche Ranch - A Drum OperaFilmAmerican
1991Fear & Loathing in Las VegasTheaterAmerican
1991Home: a moment of Art, Music and DanceVisual ArtAmerican
1991Around the Coyote Arts FestivalVisual ArtAmerican
1991The WomenTheaterAmerican
1991Stay BehindsMusicAmerican
1991Shawn CoyleDanceAmerican
2007Poets Club of ChicagoLiteraryAmerican
2002Musicality of Poetry Series XI: Musical Storytelling with Vox Rockwell, Mitar Covic moderates Open MicLiteraryAmerican
2002Chicago History: An Open BookLiteraryAmerican
2002Release Party: River Oak ReviewLiteraryAmerican
2002Women Writers Series VIII: Nalo Hopkinson & Jorjet HarperLiteraryAmerican
2002Jason Shinder & Elise PaschenLiteraryAmerican
2002Literature for All of Us & GirlSpeakLiteraryAmerican
2002Word Gourmet Open MicLiteraryAmerican
2002Other Voices Magazine Release PartyLiteraryAmerican
2002College Poetry (& Creative Writing) ShowcaseLiteraryAmerican
2002Mobeens: Art, and Maybe Coffee, featuring fiction/sculpture with Gregory Rossi and music by Project IllumeLiteraryAmerican
2002Book Release for Tough Notes, A Healing Call: Creating Exceptional Black Men by Haki R. MadhubutiLiteraryAmerican
2002Mitar Covic and John S. O'ConnorLiteraryAmerican
2002Book Release for Exploding Chippewas by Mark TurcotteLiteraryAmerican
2002Marvin Tate?s D-Settlement American Icons CD Listening PartyLiteraryAmerican
2002Writers? Block Party: An Audio Magazine Launch PartyLiteraryAmerican
2002Women Writers Series Kick-Off Open Mic w/Big Smith and poet Ruth WeissLiteraryAmerican
2002Book Release for Bitter Coffee by Frank Varela and House of Women by Gwendolyn MitchellLiteraryAmerican
2002Musicality of Poetry Series XI: Women?s Singer Songwriter Summit featuring Maggie Brown, Ellen Rosner, Amina Norman-Hawkins, JaqLiteraryAmerican
2002Dreambuilders African-American Screenwriters CompetitionLiteraryAmerican
2002Celebrating Life's Soulful Journey Featuring: Elijah, Theaster Gates, Duriel E. HarrisLiteraryAmerican
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