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Year Title Genre Location
1992Marysa Nelson BraunVisual Art, FestivalAmerican
1992Krzysztof MagdzinskiFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Piotr JanowskiFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Toni RioVisual Art, FestivalAmerican
1992Slawomir MurawskiFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Jolin WilksVisual Art, FestivalAmerican
1992Tadeusz HipnerFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Ida JablonevecFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Barbara WegorekFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Wojciech WrobelFestival, Polish, Visual Art
1992Chad SpicerVisual Art, FestivalAmerican
1992The Watch SocietyMusic, FestivalAmerican
1992Shawn Coyle & DancersDance, FestivalAmerican
1992Fall From GraceFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992ShinterinTheater, FestivalAmerican
1992Dame SirithFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992St George & the DragonTheater, FestivalAmerican
1992Jackowo StoryFestival, Polish, Theater
1992The Poppy GardenTheater, FestivalAmerican
1992All Men Are WhoresFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992GrapefruitFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992Too Much Light Makes the Baby go BlindTheater, FestivalAmerican
1992Couch PieceFestival, TheaterAmerican
1992Less then Equal
Festival, TheaterAmerican
Festival, TheaterAmerican
Total Results: 145121 - 145 of 145  first | previous   1 2 3 4 5